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The Friday Video Kick-Back: 8.10.10; Thabo's Brother is a Rapper

I don't know about you guys, but when I get home on a Friday, or after any other day of hard work for that matter, there's nothing I like to do more than kick back in my recliner and watch some mindless TV for about a half an hour. So, as a tribute to that, I'm starting a feature every Friday where I'll post a video or two that you can kick back and enjoy.

This week, we have a video made by Thabo Sefolosha's brother and Swiss rapper En?gma (Enigma). Thabo appears repeatedly in this video, hanging out near some mountains with a C hat and dog tags on. The most surprising thing about this video is that the song is actually good. It flows well, and the French language seems to compliment this, as it is much less guttural than English. Of course, language isn't everything, as evidenced by Tony Parker's horrible rap video. So I think Thabo has it right. Leave rap to the professionals, and tease us with an appearance. Does this mean we will be seeing a Tony Durant rap video any time soon? Well, we can dream, at least.

Many thanks to DR Kevin Shinn (Fakin) for showing me this video.