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A Farewell to DaddyDai and GForce

As you might notice, starting today there are a couple names missing from the masthead of this site. Those are the names of DaddyDai and GForce, two great contributors on this site.

The parting of ways was on good terms for both of them, as they just didn't have enough time in their lives to blog about basketball. That's something I can relate to personally, as there are times I think I could succeed in other areas of life if I didn't dedicate so much time to blogging.

But, I digress. The point of this post is to thank them for their contributions to the site. DaddyDai has been with me ever since the site started last October, and he's done a great job of posting news, links, and generally loosening things up a bit. I don't know what I would have done during the hardest of times without his help, and he was definitely a huge part of getting this site off of the ground.

GForce came in going into the playoff run last year, and he was very helpful in adding to the excitement of the run. He posted on a very consistent basis, which helped me out when I was in a pinch to get everything done. His enthusiasm and writing ability will be missed.

But, just because both of these contributors are going away doesn't mean that you will see any less content from us here at Welcome to Loud City. I look forward to the upcoming season, which will have more creative and timely coverage than ever!

Parting words for both Dai and GForce are welcome in the comments section.