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Loud Links 10|29|10

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KD with Michael Wilbon |

This is the Michael Wilbon interview with Durant that played before the opener on ESPN. KD mostly talks about trying to get better everyday, and why he loves the atmosphere and playing here. More importantly, does anybody know where to find the "DEF OKC" shirt that Kevin's wearing??? I need one

Bulls-Thunder recap from But The Game Is On | h/t Mark Travis

Recap of the Thunder's opener against the Bulls, along with recaps of the other games around the league.

The Heat still haven't sold out home their opener?? | via @OKThunderground

Wow...As of yesterday, Miami had not yet sold out for tonight's game against the Orlando Magic. Kind of weird for people to not care to see the most hyped up team in recent history for the first time on their home court, against a division rival and fellow East contender.