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Loud Links 10|27|10

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How much of an impact can MoPete and DCook make this year?

The sixth-worst 3-point shooting team from a year ago is now stacked with sharpshooters.

We're about to find out whether it makes a difference for the Thunder.

From watching him in the World Championships and the preseason, I think Westbrook's long range game has improved over the summer which should help out too.

In the first game that mattered where Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and LeBron James played together, against a foe they may very well meet in the Conference Finals, the Miami Heat stunk it up.  It was never really in doubt whether the Celtics would win but by how much.  LBJ dropped 31, but Bosh shot horribly, there was little chemistry, and it looked like Erik Spoelstra has no idea what his normal rotation will be.

Today Ziller and Shoals break down Ray Allen's shooting warmup ritual and 'Meet the New Lamar Odom'.