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Loud Links 10|25|10

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One day left until the season opener versus Chi-town!

Days of Thunder |

The debate rages on- step forward? step back? 'Will Oklahoma City take over the NBA?'

The Top 10 most expensive NBA tickets this season |

No. 10 on the list is the January 17th game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angelos Lakers at the Staples Center. Average ticket price: $287...AVERAGE price, I don't even want to think about closer lower level or courtside seats. Coming in at number one on the list is, not surprisingly, the blockbuster Christmas Day match between the Lakers and the Heat. The average ticket for that game runs at a cool $893!

Stern says contraction is an option | Yahoo! Sports

The negotiations continue between the player's union and the league about the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. David Stern is willing to cut out a few teams if necessary, which is scary news for Memphis and Sacramento, generally regarded as the most likely markets to lose out, should the league contract. Hopefully that would be the absolute last resort. first reported Thursday that the league would "continue to be open to contraction," after Stern said he wanted player costs reduced by $700-800 million.