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Loud Links 10|22|10

NBA Watchability Scale 2.0
| SB Nation

Mike Prada ranks his most watchable teams in the league and the Thunder come in at #2, moving up two spots from last year and second to only, you guessed it; the team that everybody is, like, totally talking about- the Miami Heat.

SLAM Top 50 Players Countdown | SLAM Online

Coming in at #3, certainly the expected ranking, is Kevin Durant.

Why Not to Believe the Hype about the Thunder | SLC Dunk

Look: we can all agree that there has been a spike in media recognition for the Thunder, most of it justified, but some admittedly a little overboard.  'Hype' if you will.  But this article seems a bit too far flung to the other end of the spectrum.  It defines what the author sees as the criteria of a hyped team and then how this matches up with our squad here in OKC.  The media machine has definitely gone into overdrive regarding the Thunder this summer and I can see how other fans could tire of it quickly.  Whatever.  I'm thinking the Jazz will finish 4th in the Northwest, and nobody will have much of any reason to talk about them.

ESPN and Marvel's Comic Book Inspired NBA Previews

Pretty neat, I think the Suns76ers, and of course, Thunder covers are my favorite.  The Cavs one is depressing as all get out, though.