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Loud Links 10|15|10

First off, I'd like to say big ups to the guys from for the tickets to last night's game.  I took one of my friends who had been living in Germany for a year and hadn't seen the Thunder downtown or even on TV prior to that, so it was really his first NBA in Oklahoma City experience.  It was just the preseason, and it didn't count for anything and attendance was god-awful so the noise level suffered significantly, but it was still a great time.  The Thunder came back to OKC off of two losses and defended home court against perennial contenders in the Euro League.  

-AP Summary

Obligitory Famous Oklahoman Video | via Get Banged On

OKC native and former OU player Blake Griffin, whom you may have heard of once or twice before, is finally healthy and ready to enter his first NBA season.  At least, he certainly looks ready in this clip of a one handed alley-oop served up from Baron Davis.


I hope this is Kobe's postgame reaction the next time we face LA | via NBA Hoot


NBA Hoot is a great feed, I suggest you check it out if you haven't already done so.

Ouch... |

A certain Wisconsin based calendar company probably felt pretty good about themselves this summer.  They got all the work done early (as in sometime before July 8th I suppose), kicked back, maybe had a couple margaritas, and somehow didn't notice this huge gaffe.  They are trying to sell Cleveland Cavaliers calendars with LeBron James on the cover.  Check it out.