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Loud Links 10|13|10

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Behind the Scenes Video from KD's Dime Mag Cover Shoot |

A 2-minute look behind Kevin Durant's cover shoot for Dime Magazine which took place right before the FIBA World Championships (We're rollin' with some dated stuff, I know; I promise once the season picks up the links will be fresher than DJ White's cheeks...I'm not going to specify which ones).  The clip does have a couple of questions from Kevin's interview, including some of his expectations for this season in OKC.

Mama Maynor Serves up Some Home Cooking for Thunder Players/Coaches |

Thunder Rumblings


The night before the first preseason game, in Fayetteville, N.C. (a little over 20 miles from back up PG Eric Maynor's hometown of Raeford) Maynor's mother Barbara cooked up enough food for nearly twenty players and coaches and brought it to the Thunder's hotel.  Darnell Mayberry says this is just one of the traditions that gives the Thunder the atmosphere of a College club.

Concise, 'Where are they now?' Type Article Concerning Former Thunder Players |

Good night, sweet prince. - That's directed at Kyle Weaver, now on the training camp roster for the Chicago Bulls.  I really enjoyed watching Shaun Livingston while he was here too, there just wasn't a place for him to have a productive role within the team after a while; kind of the same situation as Weaver.  And I'm sure everyone wishes him the best with continuing to keep that knee healthy.