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D-League Adopting Two New Rule Changes |

On the heels of an extremely entertaining FIBA World Championship tourney this summer, many have called for more of a convergence between NBA and FIBA rules, which now seems eminent.  FIBA is moving their 3-pt. line back, and the NBA's Development League is adopting FIBA's goaltending rules, as well as an unrelated rule shortening D-League overtimes to three minutes.  But will these rules be implemented in the NBA proper?  Should the sport be standardized? Every Thunder player questioned found the goaltending rule unfair to shooters except one, defensive virtuoso Thabo Sefolosha.

Larry Brown Calls Thunder A "Poster Child"Thunder Rumblings

When asked a question about the skyrocketing star that is Kevin Durant, the Charlotte Bobcats' Head Coach broke off on a tangent about the Thunder in general and their surprising rise to relevance.  Brown not only praised Durant and his All-Star skills, but commended Sam Presti and the entire organization for the way they've put together a competitive, fun, and exciting young roster.  "So the West better watch out."

Ranking the Top 50 NBA Players | SLAM Online

Coming in at the #8 point guard spot and #24 overall, is one Russell Westbrook.  This piece recognizes Westbrook's continued development; breaking into the top ten in assists, making better decisions, and improving his outside game.  It also reaffirms what seems to be a general consensus that based on the merits of last season and the FIBA Worlds this summer, Westbrook is within striking distance of the NBA's PG elite.  Oh yeah, and he also did this, which will never get old.