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Game 38 Preview: Oklahoma City vs. San Antonio

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This also counts as an open thread, so feel free to post your thoughts during the game here.

Time: 7:00 PM Central Standard Time

Place: The Ford Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

TV: KSBI-TV 52, Fox Sports Southwest

Radio: WWLS The Sports Animal (98.1)

Enemy Blog(s): Pounding the Rock, 48 Minutes of Hell, Project Spurs

Backstory: Well, there's not much new going on with the Spurs. There's very little to write about them as far as "current events" are concerned. It's always same old, same old. They win lots of games. The only eerie thing is that the big three are healthy, making for a solid Spurs team. Bonner and Finley will be out, but that is of minimal consequence.

The Thunder, meanwhile, have 21 wins and are....get ready for this one, only a couple of wins behind the Spurs. Yes, we're only a couple of wins away from having a record virtually the same as the Spurs record. That's an amazing stat in my mind, and one that probably doesn't surprise everybody else. But it surprises me!

Below: Matchups, Prediction


Center: Nenad Krstic vs. Dejuan Blair

Last time, Krstic actually won this matchup, having a pretty solid game against the Rookie. Not much looks to change here, as Blair is basically there to fill the lane. He'll get a double double here or there, but Krstic will almost certainly beat him in every category but rebounding.

Power Forward: Jeff Green vs. Tim Duncan

I have a Tim Duncan poster in my room from the 3rd Grade Book Fair. It's a height chart, showing the fact that Tim Duncan is 7'0'. I always wanted to be as tall as him. Unfortunately, I'm stuck at 6'5" or so. Jeff Green is stuck at 6'8", but if he plays his cards right, he'll be able to have a solid, if not great game. Regardless of Jeff Green's play, Tim Duncan will have a great game.

Small Forward: Richard Jefferson vs. Kevin Durant

If Richard Jefferson were still playing for the Bucks or Nets, this would be an important matchup. Now, it's just going to be a case of Kevin Durant steamrolling over Richard Jefferson.

Shooting Guard: Thabo Sefolosha vs. Keith Bogans

I wouldn't expect a lot from this matchup in terms of offense.

Point Guard: Russell Westbrook vs. Tony Parker

Last time, Russell Westbrook beat Tony Parker in Points and Assists, while tying him in rebounds. Considering how the season has been going for both players, I'd expect the same to happen again tonight.

Battle of the Benches:

The Spurs have a deep, extremely talented bench that easily beats out ours.

Coaching and Intangibles:

The Thunder are continuing a long, relaxing, and successful home stand, while the Spurs are coming off of the 2nd game of a back to back after beating the Lakers, who are two time zones away. The intangibles are on our side.

Bottom Line:

I was almost tempted to pick a Spurs win, just to spice things up. But, realistically, two time zone back-to-backs are brutal on a team, and I don't see the Spurs winning this one easily. The Thunder are going to have to keep an eye out for the X-Factors on the Spurs that manage to score in bunches, so I would try to keep Krstic on the floor only when Blair is on the floor, to beef up interior defense. It's going to be a defensive battle, in which only slashers and back to the basket scorers will have huge amounts of scoring. Given the fact that our team consists almost entirely of slashers, I'd expect a win tonight.

Prediction: Oklahoma City 95, San Antonio 91

I'm ready for number 22!

How do you think the game will go? Vote in the Poll!

And, again, feel free to drop any comments you might have during, before, or after the game below. I'll be in the Ford Center cheering the team on, but I'll be back to write a recap later tonight. Go Thunder!