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Some Big Name Free Agents Still Out There

While there have been some trades and big free agent signings in the offseason, there remain a large number of free agents available to NBA teams. Here's a quick rundown of a few of the bigger names on the market:

Allen Iverson, PG/SG:  With a career player efficiency rating of 21.2, Iverson is one of the star players still available. Perhaps that's why he's still available as he had a dropoff in production last year. That would make him less attractive to teams, especially considering he's probably got a pretty steep asking price.

Big Baby and Leon Powe:  The two Celtics' forwards are restricted free agents and have not been locked up yet. Both are pretty productive players. Powe had an injury late last season, but both guys have had interest from other teams.

Wally Szczerbiak, SG:  Wally poured in shots from beyond-the-arc at a 41.1% clip last season, and has a career average of 40.6%. His production declined overall, but eventually he'll be signed by a team with a little bit of cap room and a need for a deep threat.

Joe Smith, F/C:  The former #1 overall draft pick is more of a veteran role player these days. He's been steadily average for his entire career - his PER has never fallen below 13.8, and has never risen above 17.2. He's also been fairly durable, never appearing in less than half the games in a season. Add to that 52 games of playoff experience, and he'll be a cheap but potentially valuable pickup for someone.

Lamar Odom, PF:  It seems like he'll wind up in Miami or Los Angeles. But he's still technically available.

Flip Murray, SG:  Murray is an interesting player. He's reaching the time where he should be peaking in his career. At the moment he seems like a decent energy player off the bench. However, his 3-point production has increased 24% in the last two years, and he's now shooting 36% from beyond the arc. In addition to adding range, he also improved his overall efficiency over the past couple years. He could be a good pickup.

Stephon Marbury, PG:  Yep, Starbury is still available. He's not drawing a ton of interest probably because he has a bit of baggage. However, say what you will, he did make positive contributions in Boston down the stretch.

Drew Gooden, PF:  Gooden has a 16.5 career PER, along with 44 games and 1189 minutes in playoff games in his career. That's about all you need to know. He'll be more expensive than a guy like Smith, but he's closer to the prime of his career.

QUESTION: Would you want any of these free agents?