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Loud Links: Oklahoma City Thunder News for July 2, 2009


4D here with more Loud Links. Good News: Oklahoma City celebrates the one year anniversary of the Thunder franchise being relocated to OKC. Bad News: Gortat seems to be interested in the Mavericks. Another notable read in this edition includes a nice article about Mullens history. The Seattle Times actually write a nice article about OKC (I think that is a first). Ariza is talking to the Rockets. Nick Collison has a Q&A with The Thunder and Jazz seem to be the only two teams pursuing Paul Millsap. I can’t wait to see what happens.


Update: Gortat to sign with Dallas; Rubio to stay in Spain | Daily - Where Thunder Happens
Of course free agents can’t officially sign until July 8th, but agreements can be reached. Obviously no word on what the Mavericks offered, but it’s got to be somewhere within the MLE, otherwise Dallas wouldn’t be making this move as they’re already about $12M over the cap. And remember, nothing is official by any means, but I have a feeling if Presti was willing to deal, this wouldn’t be happening. But that’s an assumption, based on Sefko’s wording: "Only hangup will be if the Magic decides to match the offer." He makes it sound like a done deal. Obviously, we just have to wait and see.

Orlando Magic's Marcin Gortat appears bound for Dallas Mavericks - ESPN
Sources told that the Mavericks are bringing Gortat to town to tour the area and the team's facilities after extending him an offer believed to be worth Dallas' full mid-level exception -- which could translate to a five-year deal starting at roughly $5.6 million -- in hopes of dissuading the Orlando Magic from matching the offer.

THUNDER: Collison Working On Jump Shot, Reuniting With Old Friends This Summer
Who are you working out with? "I work out with (former NBA player) Detlef Schrempf. He’s in Seattle. He’s kind of working me out, putting me through some stuff. (Sacramento Kings forward) Spencer Hawes has been in there most days. Jon Brockman, who just got drafted, has been there. There’s a lot of other pros – Jamal Crawford – guys coming in and out, guys who start later in the summer. It’s been good. I’ve been working out at the University of Washington, they’ve been really helpful letting me use the facilities. It’s been really good."

2009 NBA Free Agents and Salary Cap Deals | PROTECT THE PAINT
Paul Millsap would immediately add a tough rebounding presence and the blue-collar attitude that the young Thunder need. Adding Millsap makes the playoffs a possibility, especially considering Yao Ming’s injury in Houston puts the Rockets 2010 playoff hopes in major jeopardy opening up a spot for another Western Conference team. Millsap gives any team he’s on many second (and often third) chance opportunities on the offensive end. If Boozer opts out of Utah, then expect the Jazz to match any offer made on Millsap.

Marcus Dove to play with Thunder summer league team |
Former Oklahoma State forward Marcus Dove and former Midwest City High School standout DeAngelo Alexander are among the non-roster players scheduled to play with the Oklahoma City Thunder in summer leagues in Orlando and Las Vegas this month.

Thunder talking with 2 free agents |
Millsap, 24, and Gortat, 25, are both reserves but are considered two of the best up-and-coming big men in the league. Millsap averaged a career-high 13.5 points, 8.6 rebounds, 1.8 assists and 1.0 blocks in 76 games, including 38 as a starter while filling in for injured two-time All-Star Carlos Boozer. Gortat averaged 3.8 points and 4.6 rebounds in just 12.6 minutes behind three-time All-Star and reigning Defensive Player of the Year Dwight Howard.

Utah Jazz: Two suitors for Millsap? - Salt Lake Tribune
Only a day into free agency, Paul Millsap 's options appeared to narrow to two suitors in the Jazz and Oklahoma City, while Millsap's agent, DeAngelo Simmons , couldn't be sure how long it would take for either to make an offer.

The Associated Press: Thunder's Mullens overcomes tough times
While he was growing up, his family bounced around to a dozen different homes with stops at a homeless shelter in between. He got shuttled around from one school to the next. His brother got in trouble for dealing drugs. Then basketball helped change everything. As he kept growing, opportunities started opening up for Mullens. He was accepted to a prep school on scholarship and then committed to Ohio State when he was in the ninth grade and already 6 feet 8.

Oklahoma City Thunder marks its first anniversary |
Three years later, and one year to the day when Bennett and Co. delivered the Sonics to Oklahoma City, only now is Bennett grasping the ramifications of his decision to join one of American capitalism’s most exclusive fraternities.

NBA | How I learned to kinda, sorta like Oklahoma City | Seattle Times Newspaper
Easiest assignment ever: Go to the town that abducted the Sonics and write some impressions. Or, in other words, sip some Hater-ade and let 'er rip. But a crazy thing happened on this disdainful mission. I learned to tolerate Oklahoma City. Then I learned to kinda, sorta like the place. And then, shocker of all shockers, I learned to accept it as an NBA city and stop connecting the Thunder with the Sonics.

Trevor Ariza meets with Houston Rockets - ESPN
HOUSTON -- A person close to the situation tells The Associated Press that the Houston Rockets are meeting with Los Angeles Lakers forward Trevor Ariza.

Nick Collison (nickcollison4) on Twitter
Bad day for the Dow. Maybe I shouldn't have bought that iced out chain with the huge diamond encrusted medallion of my face last night.

Had some good workouts with the young guys on our team. Rookies look good and seem to be good dudes.

Free Agent Watch Day 2 - Basketball News & NBA Rumors - HOOPSWORLD
"They didn't pursue me at all," Gordon told a Chicago-based ESPN radio affiliate Thursday morning. "They didn't even make an offer, so it was pretty much a one-man race."

THUNDER: Thunder Announces 2009 Summer League Roster
OKLAHOMA CITY, July 1, 2009 – The Oklahoma City Thunder 2009 Summer League Roster was announced today by Executive Vice President and General Manager Sam Presti. Thunder 2009 draft picks James Harden (3rd overall), B.J. Mullens (24th overall) and Robert Vaden (54th overall) will join veterans Russell Westbrook, Kyle Weaver, D.J. White and Shaun Livingston. Oklahoma City will play 10 games between July 5-18 in both the Orlando Pro Summer League and the NBA Summer League presented by EA Sports. Check out for updates on the summer league team.

Buying clothes that fit | Daily - Where Thunder Happens
But right now, if you had to choose, which one do you go after? The seven-foot center Gortat or the brawny power forward Millsap? You can look at lots of things - need, fit, upside, price, nicknames. (Gortat has maybe the best in the league with The Polish Hammer and I don’t even know what Millsap’s is. I started calling him "The Milkman" last year, but I’m sure that’s not official. You’ve got to weigh those sort of things.) I see it this way: Which would you rather have, designer clothes that look really awesome or clothes that actually fit? What you buy needs to fit your wardrobe and shouldn’t make you start throwing away all the clothes you’ve already got. It should just be something that you can add right in and doesn’t cause a total rearranging of your closet.



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