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Loud Links: Oklahoma City Thunder News for June 28, 2009


4D reporting from Oklahoma City. There is more coverage concerning the Oklahoma City Thunder’s newest rookies; James Harden, Byron Mullens, and Robert Vaden. posted a great read about the Thunder’s off-season. Harden’s fashion statement is considered to be the best on draft night. ESPN Chicago discusses free agents. There are also great videos from The Oklahoman that cover the fan reaction, rookie interviews, and media introductions. In one of the videos Harden explains what keeps him grounded and humble. - Offseason Overview: Oklahoma City Thunder
This is the big question in Oklahoma City that will linger all summer long once the free agent market opens and into the season as long as the team stays at least within striking distance of a playoff spot. The Thunder clearly have plenty of money that they could potentially use and could afford any of the biggest names available. They could certainly use a big man, and talents like Carlos Boozer and David Lee should be on the market. The Thunder are blessed with one of the most attractive looking young rosters in the league and really could be one addition away from playoff contention. Still, even with the signing of a legit big man, it's doubtful that the Thunder could morph into actual title contenders. Heck, they probably wouldn't even be vying for home court advantage in the playoffs, and thus, in the end, they may simply play out another season and let their youngsters to mature, both as individuals and as a team, and look to make a splash in the star-studded 2010 free agent market.

James Harden: NBA draft fashion photo gallery - ESPN
Fern Mallis on James Harden's look: I think he looks spectacular, extremely chic and perfect for this season. His vest pulls it all together. Without the vest, it looks like a summer suit with a bowtie, but the added piece makes it very contemporary. It's very complete. There's nothing that doesn't work. He's ready for the runway -- forget the basketball court.

Let the NBA free-agent madness begin - ESPN Chicago
Will the Raptors trade Chris Bosh? As of now, no. Toronto general manager Bryan Colangelo is a brilliant man. A sharp man. He is dynamic and bold and not afraid to be a risk taker. He also knows if Bosh signs with a team well under the cap next offseason he may lose his star player and receive nothing in return. That's a recipe for disaster. Toronto can pay Bosh more than any other club, due to the sixth year add-on, but why take that chance?

Thunder draft pick James Harden’s road full of obstacles |
Nineteen years later, Willis proudly watched her son put on an NBA uniform for the first time after being introduced as the Thunder’s newest shooting guard Saturday.

Robert Vaden confident of his chances with Thunder |
"With the economy being so bad you don’t spend money on things you don’t want," Vaden said. "They wouldn’t have bought the pick if they didn’t feel I was a good player."

James Harden joins Thunder’s young guns |
Harden is regarded as one of the most polished players in the draft. He is touted for having a high basketball IQ, great instincts and excellent decision-making. He led the Pac-10 in scoring with 20.1 points to go with 5.6 rebounds and 4.2 steals as a sophomore for the Sun Devils last season.

B.J. Mullens Couldn’t Have Gone to a Better Situation |
B.J. Mullens looked like he was a little disappointed when he fell to the 24th pick. But he is in a perfect situation to develop and start in the near future. Oklahoma City (the team formerly known as the Sonics) has a hole in the middle of their lineup the size of the Grand Canyon. Mullens will get minutes right off the bat and may well be starting in a year or two. Not bad for a guy that couldn’t start for the Buckeyes in the Big Ten. Rubio absent as Timberwolves introduce new draft picks
In his letter, Kahn wrote that Rubio "will be our starting point guard here the moment he walks through our front door. We may have to wait a year, or even two, but he is worth the wait. We must be patient. This is a big step for he and his family." Thunder introduce newest additions
"That keeps me humble. That keeps me stable," Harden said. "I think coming into this program, all the guys here are in the same situation I am as far as being humble and stable, and they're young as well. I feel that I can come in here and learn from those guys and all grow together."


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