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Report: Thunder Like Rubio; Nobody Knows What Is Going On

Well, the only segue I can think of is that Sam Presti is notorious for running a very tight ship. Therefore, it's not surprising that we're getting a lot of conflicting rumors. However, here's the latest from DraftExpress' Jonathan Givony:

Oklahoma City appears to have narrowed in on Ricky Rubio as their top choice with the #3 pick, at least according to what most NBA teams have on their board at the moment. For now, it seems like they will be keeping him. While we’re told that the Knicks will definitely explore a sign and trade with David Lee to acquire Rubio, it might take more to convince Oklahoma City to make that trade.

It will be interesting to see what the fallout is from Russell Westbrook’s camp after this, as he’s been extremely vocal publicly about not wanting to relinquish the full-time point guard duties, which is bound to happen eventually with Rubio around. Westbrook is currently scheduled to be on Jim Rome’s show tomorrow, so we may expect some fireworks.

It's fairly impossible to figure out what the Thunder are going to do at this point, so I've resigned myself to passing along the rumors. For the record, my gut instinct was always Rubio at #3, and that's what I thought yesterday night. The ESPN report earlier today seemed pretty certain that the Thunder were staying away from Rubio, but now I'm not so sure anymore.

Certainly does increase the anticipation, right?