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2009 Draft Coverage: Big Deals Today & Latest Draft Buzz

Let's start with the breaking news that Washington and Minnesota have agreed to a deal. First, the report from Yahoo! Sports:

The Washington Wizards have agreed in principle to acquire Minnesota Timberwolves guards Randy Foye and Mike Miller for Etan Thomas, Oleksiy Pecherov and Darius Songaila and the fifth pick in Thursday’s NBA draft, a league executive with knowledge of the deal told Yahoo! Sports. The teams are still working out details but the deal is expected to be consummated.

The Wizards Get: Randy Foye, Mike Miller

The Wolves Get: 5th pick, Etan Thomas, Oleksiy Pecherov, Darius Songalia

This becomes very important because now the Timberwolves own the 5th pick, the 6th pick, the 18th pick and 28th pick - all of which are in the first round. Four first round draft choices is pretty absurd! The Wolves will be able to make a huge impact in the NBA Draft. However, now we have competing rumors about what the Wolves will do now that they own back-to-back picks at 5 and 6. First, Sam Amick from the Sacramento Bee who tweeted this:

Rubio may be about to come off the board. Don't be shocked if Minn. packages 5 and 6 for No. 2 from Memphis.

This may be true, and if they grab the 2nd pick I would imagine that they would select Rubio. However, I also heard that if they managed to get the 2nd pick that they would take Thabeet. However, according to Alan Hahn, the Wolves may not even trade in the first place: is citing a source saying the T-Wolves won't package both picks to move up even more, which counters the theory that the may double-down to get the No. 2 and Ricky Rubio.

More of the latest draft buzz after the jump!

Right now, there's not much that anyone can do but wait and see. In fact, the deal between the Wizards and the Wolves is not even official yet, it's just extremely likely. Personally, I would have to agree with Alan Hahn. If the deal goes down as stated above, the Wolves just lost two starting-caliber players, and so I would have to think they're going to go out and try to get as many quality players in the draft as possible. And yet, the Timberwolves apparently like Rubio a lot, so it also wouldn't surprise me if they traded up. Additionally, it's possible that the Wolves don't trade 5 and 6 for the 2nd pick. They might trade 5, 18 and 28 for the 2nd pick and wind up with the 2nd pick and the 6th pick, which would still be a pretty good position to be in.

Meanwhile, in the other big news of the day, the Bucks appear to be shooting for an entire new roster. The first trade, per Yahoo! Sports:

The San Antonio Spurs have agreed to acquire Richard Jefferson from the Milwaukee Bucks, league executives told Yahoo! Sports on Tuesday. The deal, first reported by Yahoo! Sports, has the Spurs sending veterans Bruce Bowen, Kurt Thomas and Fabricio Oberto to the Bucks, who are looking to shed the remaining two years, $29.2 million on Jefferson’s contract for the Spurs’ expiring contracts.

Then, they decided to turn around and trade Oberto to the Pistons almost immediately. I found this quote from Sporting News via the SBNation blog Motown String Music:

A busy predraft day just got busier for the Milwaukee Bucks. A source tells Sporting News that the Bucks, after trading Richard Jefferson for a trio of Spurs—Fabricio Oberto, Bruce Bowen and Kurt Thomas—have traded Oberto to Detroit for young power forward Amir Johnson. A Bucks source has confirmed the deal.

Quick Hits

  • The Bobcats are looking to trade for Samuel Dalembert of the 76ers. (Source)
  • The Thunder hired a Barcelona law firm (Source). This is said to be just in case they draft Rubio. But answer me this: (1) how many other teams have hired law firms to deal specifically with Rubio? (2) how many other teams have hired a Spanish law firm? (3) why would you spend money on a law firm for a specific player unless you intended to draft him? To me, all the recent chatter seems to point to the Thunder leaning in the direction of drafting Rubio. If they are paying this law firm, I sure hope they do, or they're wasting their money!
  • Sean May will be available, as the Bobcats failed to make a qualifying offer. (Source)
  • According to Andrew Marchand (source) the Grizzlies will not draft Ricky Rubio. They are looking at Thabeet, Evans, Harden and Curry, with Thabeet being the most likely selection. A bit earlier he cites contradictory sources that say the Knicks are interested in trading up for Rubio, but the other source saying that the Knicks like Curry more than Rubio.
  • According to the ESPN Draft Blog, the Grizzlies will take Thabeet at 2 if they don't trade.
  • Barring any trades in the top 3 it's looking like Griffin to the Clippers, Thabeet to the Grizzlies, and Rubio to the Thunder.