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Rumor: Thunder Looking To Sell The 25th Overall Pick

The rumor mill is a-whirring. Now the Thunder are a part of it.

From, the Thunder are looking like sellers in the "late first round" market:

Expect a flurry of action on draft night, which has become the norm in recent years, and a number of first and second rounders to be sold and traded.

Teams with multiple picks such as Sacramento (23), Oklahoma City (25) and Chicago (26) are all looking to sell their picks according to sources. While three other teams would like to buy picks late in the first round: San Antonio, Detroit and Houston.

Joe Dumars has his eye on Toney Douglas and would like to pick up a late first to grab him. San Antonio is likely after Victor Claver who suspiciously remained in the draft, despite a lackluster and injury plagued season. No word on who Houston is after, but Rockets GM Daryl Moray was on hand in Treviso as Swedish SF Jonas Jerebko put on an excellent performance.

Take it for what's worth, but where there's smoke there's usually fire. Sam Presti has shown that he isn't afraid to pull the trigger on a deal if he thinks it will help the franchise. If he gets a player he wants with the #3 pick, I wouldn't be surprised to see him trade the lower pick to grab an established veteran player.

More about trade proposals after the jump!

So, with that I have a homework assignment for everyone - drum up some trade proposals with the three teams has listed as wanting to "buy picks": San Antonio, Detroit, and Houston. Here's a list of some players for each team that could be a fit for the Thunder, but of course feel free to include others:

San Antonio: Bruce Bowen, Matt Bonner, Michael Finley, Kurt Thomas
Detroit: Rip Hamilton, Kwame Brown, Tayshaun Prince, Arron Affalo, Amir Johnson
Houston: Brian Cook, Carl Landry, Chuck Hayes, Brent Barry, Kyle Lowry

You may think that Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince seem like awfully big names to be on the trade market, but Detroit appears to be open to dismantling their core (see: Chauncey Billups trade) in order to make a play for the 2010 free agent market. Houston and San Antonio are both solid teams that were in the top half of the west, so they are more likely to hang on to their more valuable pieces.

Also keep in mind, when posting a trade proposal, that the better the player the other team is giving up, the more likely it is that the Thunder would need to throw in a player or two in addition to the pick.

I already know which trade I would try to make, but I'll let you guys have at it first!