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SBN Traveling Game Thread: OPEN THREAD Mavs/Nuggets Cavs/Hawks


Hello SBNation, and Welcome to Loud City. If you haven't been here before, well, your missing out on all kinds of great posts about the team that many of you have shunned, wrote off, or completely disregarded this season. The Thunder have been called everything from the "Not the Sonics" to the, well, lets just leave it at that as it only gets worse from there. Anyway, we're here to tell you that we are here to stay, so get used to us, and if you peruse the site and some of the links we'll provide in this post, you'll get the general idea that we believe this team can be competitive and knocking on the playoff door as soon as next season, and the championship door in seasons to come.

But enough about us, let's talk about the "Traveling Game Thread." The idea behind this was to give all 22 teams out of the playoffs, a centralized place to post about the playoff games still going on. After all, at a lot of our sites, if we were putting up game threads to discuss playoff games not involving our teams, all you might hear is crickets, or some lonely blogger commenting to himself over and over and over as he tried to generate some sort of discussion and activity from his members, as this blogger had to do a lot during his short time at SBNation in an effort to inspire others to comment and generate discussion. But if one site was to host said thread each and every day, their site would become horribly cluttered up with game threads and start to take away from their content, so moving this thread from site to site will keep that from happening and also expose you great SBNation loyal followers to some of the other great NBA sites on the network that you may not fully be aware of....and that's why its called the Traveling game Thread, and today its right here, so make the jump finish reading my diatribe, click a few links, read a few articles, and post comment after comment before the games, during the games, and after. Let's be the first to hit 500 comments during the Traveling game thread and be forced to create an overflow!

Who knows, it is Saturday night Basketball, you may even be treated to drunken comments by yours truly as I'm likely to start my Saturday Six Pack just around the time that the first game will tip off. Hey, that's a good idea for a weekly post isn't it? The Saturday Six Pack, from now on, I'll get drunk on Saturday and rant about six things or something while completely intoxicated. And don't even start with the lightweight stuff on drinking only six beers because I can pound 'em back with the best of them, its called restraint fellas, and if it makes you feel better about the drinking abilities of Mister P, he does pound them back rather quickly.

So have fun, and keep those comments coming. I'll be on throughout the day and during the games to interact with all of you guys as well to answer all the "Do you guys have tumbleweeds in Oklahoma" questions that are sure to happen as well. Thanks for stopping by, checking out WTLC, and dropping a few comments. This is the greatest sports network on the planet, and its because of all of you guys, the regular readers and commenters that help make it happen, so thanks so much, and have a good time!

Here are the SBN Teamsites for those still in the playoffs, click and see what it feels like to still be fights for an NBA Championship this late in the season!

Large_medium  Peachtree-large_medium
 Mavsmoneyball_medium  Pickaxeandroll_medium

Here are a couple of recent posts that we think are worthy of your eyes and comments

Wtlcpre-draftsmall_medium Marcingortatpcfreeagenttagretsmall_medium Whostayswhogoessmall_medium


We evaluated each Thunder Player in our EOS Evaluation Series, so if you want to see our thoughts on any Thunder Player, just click their image below.

Sbnpcrussellwestbrooksmall_medium Sbnpcthabesefoloshasmall_medium Sbnpcdjwhitesmall_medium Sbnpcnickcollisonsmall_medium Sbnpckyleweaversmall_medium Sbnpcchuckyatkinssmall_medium Sbnpcmalikrosesmall_medium Sbnpcnenadkrsticsmall_medium Sbnpcshaunlivingstonsmall_medium Sbnpcdamienwilkinssmall_medium Sbnpcjeffgreensmall_medium Sbnpcearlwatsonsmall_medium Sbnpcrobertswiftsmall_medium Sbnpcdesmondmason_medium Sbnpckevindurantsmall_medium

With all that out of the way...Welcome to the Traveling Game Thread!