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SBNation Traveling Game Thread: OPEN GAME Threads for Playoffs


So a bunch of the NBA Bloggers have gotten together and put together what I dubbed the "Traveling Game Thread" for fans of teams (like us) who watch and want to discuss the playoff games that are going on but don't really have a lot of people on their own sites to discuss them with. Sadly, if you were around during the regular season, we barely even had enough people to discuss our own games, so having game threads for playoff games not involving our own team is just pretty much out of the question.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know, if you are watching playoff games and looking for a game thread to discuss it, we'll be rotating one game thread between all the different SBNation NBA related sites. Each day, we'll direct everyone toward one Game Thread, instead of having just a few people trying to talk about the games on their own site. Last night was the first edition of the traveling game thread and was hosted by Motown String Music, one of the newer NBA Blogs on the Network. You can see it was a pretty big success with over 200 comments, and is sure to only get bigger as the season goes on. So be one of the cool kids and get in there before the masses do! Represent the Thunder and have fun.

Tonights Traveling Game Thread is going to be hosted by SLCDunk, the SBNation NBA Jazz site. The thread is up, so head on over and have some fun while mingling with other NBA fans around the network.

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