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Welcome To Loud City Welcomes Two Additions


For a blog that launched rather quietly just a few days before Christmas last year, it makes me proud to think just how far the site has come in just about 5 months of total existence (From Thunder in OKC to joining SBNation and creating WTLC). During the season there were days when I was writing 3 or more posts per day for the site including regular stories, game previews, game recaps, and live game commenting threads (which was usually pretty sad as I commented to myself most of the time). I tirelessly kept this blog up to date with new content every day for longer than I can remember, and sometimes multiple times per day. During most of that time, all that effort was only reaching a small but loyal audience, and has since grown to a blog that is approaching 50,000 visits and 100,000 page views, and its done so in just 120 days. When you break down the numbers, at the time of this writing, WTLC is averaging 382 visits and 783 page views each day (entire history). Considering how low traffic the blog started to begin with, those numbers are pretty big for this small time blogger. More recently we've seen averages of about 1000/2000 per day (even topping 3000 last week), and that to me, means one thing, its time to add some help and perspective to the site.

Its no easy task keeping the content on a one man blog, and going forward, I will no longer have to go it alone as a few of our regular visitors/commentors have caught my eye and agreed to join the WTLC team with limited roles. I first want to thank both of these guys, as well as everyone who frequents the site, posts their thoughts and comments, and reads our articles. Whether we agree or disagree, you guys are all great, and I'm happy to have a hand in what is quickly becoming one of the very best Thunder communities around. So take a moment and make the jump to the full post to see who's joining and the role they will initial be filling going forward...

First up is dishingoutdimes, who has been dishing out great fanpost after great fanpost over the past few weeks. He's joining the team as a part time writer and will post articles on a semi-regular basis on the site. He's done an excellent job in similar duty over at Crimson and Cream Machine, and I expect him to do well here too. He'll offer in depth posts about a variety of topics and provide a very important second perspective on the Thunder. He's also a really great stats guy and will be able to provide the kind of posts all of us love, but so few of us have the talent to write. So take a minute and welcome DoD to the staff. I have the upmost confidence in his postmaking abilities and I look forward to working with him on the site.

The second addition will add yet another dimension to the site...yes, you know what's coming next, a 4th Dimension, Daddydai. 4D will also be joining the staff and heading up "Loud Links" for the site. Loud Links will be a semi-regular, topic relevant post that will give Thunder fans and readers of WTLC quick access to articles relevant to the team/players/nba/etc. If its in Loud Links, there is a good chance that you will want to read it if you are a regular to the site. In addition to Loud Links, 4D will be given the opportunity to post front page articles from time to time as well to once again give us that 4th dimension perspective. Yes, I also realize he's the 3rd member of the team so the whole 4th dimension thing doesn't make a ton of sense outside of his nickname, but for this post, you are just going to have to suspend disbelief.

I want to thank both of these guys for coming aboard, and I look forward to seeing these guys roll out new content along with myself on a semi-regular basis. I think both guys will add quite a bit to the site and from now on I can actually say "we" in posts like its more than 1 guy blogging, and actually have it be true, as opposed to akward/silly. Give these guys a welcome, and thanks again to everyone who makes WTLC a great place for Thunder fans to discuss the team.