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Loud Links: May 27, 2009


So this is where I talk a little bit about the links involved in this post and include some of my thoughts. I'm not going to blow any smoke up your backside, so I'll just be honest with you, which on a blog, how can you go wrong with blatent honesty? Perhaps this is an example, either way, I don't care, honesty here we come. I'm just making this post in an effort to nail down a general format and look for the daily link dump. So if the links aren't exactly to your liking, well, don't worry, as we've taken the proper steps to make sure that once "Loud Links" really gets going that you'll have relevant links on a semi-daily basis to peruse as your make your way through the blogosphere during your relaxing evening. So I'm not going to waste too much more of your time here, but hey, alhtough I didn't talk about any of them or make any witty or funny remarks, there are some pretty interesting links in todays post, so stop reading my pointless dribble and check out todays Loud Links...

Jordan Hill: "I got Heart"

Draft Express I Jonathan Givony I May 26, 2009... I’m really not known out there still, and I don’t think they’ve been really watching my games, because there were some games where I really put my heart into it and played good, I think I played good in a lot of games. It really gives me motivation to just go out there and kick butt on the court. I love the game, but there’s always going to be doubters out there, I just have to shake it off and keep going, keep fighting.

Want to Buy Kevin Durant or Desmond Mason? I Chris Silva I May 26, 2009... "We were painting him as a Milwaukee Buck when he got traded," Fabey said. "Most of the production had already taken place but we painted some with him in Oklahoma City. This is called a surprise figure and is usually a lot more valuable on the secondary market." The Kevin Durant action figure by McFarlane Toys is one of eight players featured in the 2009 series. The figures, which measure 6 ½ inches in height, includes articulate features, from Durant’s KD1 sneakers to Mason’s five-o’clock shadow of a mustache and goatee, and a custom base with each player’s name and team logo etched on it.

Hasheem Thabeet comes with risk

Darnell Mayberry I Daily Oklahoman I May 21, 2009... UConn center is good shot blocker, but what else can he do? You would think Hasheem Thabeet is exactly what the Thunder needs. You would think everything from his size to his shot blocking and rebounding would fit perfectly with Oklahoma City and that Thunder general manager Sam Presti wouldn’t hesitate to take him and run if he’s available when the No. 3 pick rolls around in next month’s NBA Draft. But yet there is a real question about whether the Thunder will fall into the temptation of Thabeet, the 7-foot-3 center from Connecticut who is rated as a top three prospect. It’s a question because Thabeet’s game has so many questions.

Hold the Hype: The Reality of Ricky Rubio

Liz Toppi I I May 27, 2009... His stats are not overwhelmingly impressive. His mid-range game and ability to shoot off the dribble are below average. He is prone to turning the ball over. Those deficiencies stand out the Euroleague. That’s partially because European ball is predicated on efficiency - accurate shooting and taking care of the rock. But should a top 5 NBA prospect struggle to do those basic things in any league? Europe simply isn’t as competitive as the NBA.

Rubio Good, but Still No Maravich

Ron Higgins I American Chronicle I May 24, 2009...All that said, if I were Grizzlies' general manager Chris Wallace and I had to draft Rubio at No. 2, I would because he would be the best player available. If Connecticut center Hasheem Thabeet , considered the No. 3 best player is still in the mix on draft day, Wallace might be getting a call from Griz forward and UConn alum Rudy Gay. "I've played pickup games with him Hasheem, and the thing about him is how much he progresses," Gay said. "From when he got to UConn until now, it's like night and day. That shows how hard he works. Any team likes a player that works hard." Still, I'd do everything possible to trade with the Clippers for the No. 1 spot and get Oklahoma's Blake Griffin.

NBA's 65 in 65: Kevin Durant

Interactive Chat I I May 21, 2009... Kevin Durant: That's a tough question. You can look at it in different ways. Kobe is a better shooter and has been in the league longer. LeBron is stronger and can rebound better but is on his way to being a great player. They're both great but you can't really compare the two. SportsNation. Thanks for that chat. You can follow me on Twiitter at GO THUNDER!

NBA Draft: OKC Thunder And #3

Luke Byrnes I Hoopsworld I May 21, 2009... Thabeet is an explosive athlete who runs the floor exceptionally well for a player his size, which will allow the big man to score some easy points filling the lane on the fast break for an Oklahoma City team that thrives in the open court. With limited basketball experience (Thabeet first pick up the game at 15 years old), Thabeet continues to pick up the nuances of the game, giving him unlimited potential to develop into a game changing player.