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Serge Ibaka has been a possible glimmer of hope that many fans have been wondering about since he was drafted 24th in last year’s draft. There isn’t much information out there about the player from the Congo, especially if English is your only language. The following information is what I could dig up via draft profiles, youtube videos, and a few Spanish websites.

First of all, Ibaka is a 6’10, 220lb Power Forward from the African country of Congo (which is on the opposite coast of Thabeet’s Tanzania). He is an athletic shot-blocker that has an excellent wingspan. Ibaka has amazing potential and has been known to have a decent midrange shot. He is best known for his explosive vertical leap and quick second leap. That level of athleticism will help him secure rebounds and block shots with the best the league has to offer. At the 2007 Adidas Nations Ibaka displayed his amazing vertical leap by touching the highest point when testing his leaping ability. The measuring device was then raised to the maximum level possible. On his second attempt Ibaka once again reached the highest point achievable.


Over the Summer Ibaka signed with Ricoh Manresa in the Spanish ACB league. In his 2008/2009 season he averaged 16 minutes a game with 7.1 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 1 block. Expand those statistics by 40 minutes and he would have averaged 17.7 points, 11.2 rebounds and 2.5 blocks. Looking at the ACB league in 40 minute averages Ibaka would have placed in the top 5 in blocks and dunks (yes dunks are an official stat in España).

Draft Express ranks Ibaka 4th in players with their draft rights held. Also, even though his draft profiles claims Ibaka has a 3-point range, he didn’t convert the few times he tried this past season. He also relies on his athletic ability too much. It seems that most of his points are made through dunking the ball. This past September Ibaka won the Supercopa dunk contest. I believe Ibaka still needs to develop his offensive post, passing, and ball handling skills. Perhaps, we’ll be pleasantly surprised in the Summer League.


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