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2009 NBA Draft Lottery Results: Clippers #1, Grizzlies #2, Thunder #3


The 2009 NBA Draft Lottery has come and gone, and for Thunder fans, it was exciting as ever. As they counted down the teams 1 by 1, the anticipation grew more and more. By the time the Wizards were announced at #5, Thunder fans everywhere rejoiced knowing that we were in the final 3, but would have to wait through an EXTREMELY long commercial break to find out where we would end up. With the local boy Blake Griffin set to be the top pick, it was starting to seem like fate for the Thunder to land the top overall spot. Well, that was quickly put to rest after the break as the Thunder were quickly announced as the #3 overall pick, followed by the Grizzlies jumping up to #2, and the Clippers up to #1.

Now the real fun begins! Who will the Thunder grab at #3 Hasheem Thabeet? James Harden? Will Presti Trade down? Will either the Clippers or Grizzlies allow us to trade up? One thing is for sure, moving up into the top 3 assures us of another piece that should potentially help propel this team forward toward the playoffs and beyond. We all know the history of this franchises luck with big men, but can you see 5 years down the road a fully developed and dominant 7'3" stud Center in Hasheem Thabeet helping the Thunder progress towards being an elite team? It sounds nice on paper...errr it looks nice on this post, but who knows how he will pan out, and right now, who knows if we'll even end up with him. Its just the ball being in our court on this guy that is most intriging. Anyway, enough jabber jaw, and on to the results.

1 L.A. Clippers 3
2 Memphis 6
3 Oklahoma City 4
4 Sacramento 1
5 Washington 2
6 Minnesota 5
7 Golden State 7
8 New York 8
9 Toronto 9
10 Milwaukee 10
11 New Jersey 11
12 Charlotte 12
13 Indiana 13
14 Phoenix 14


Probabilities before the Lottery


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