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WTLC Presents: Kevin Durant Desktop Wallpaper (3 Sizes Available)


So it's been a few days since my last post, and as per usual, anytime I go even a day without posting something, I start to feel Guilty. So just like last time I started feeling guilty for not getting up some new content, I decided to make you guys a nice wallpaper. Again, I'm not the greatest Graphic Artist in the world, and I don't exactly have tons of time to spend making these, so the quality of them tends to be amateur at best. But in terms of amateur graphics, I personally don't think this one is too shabby for having whipped it up fairly quickly tonight, just so you guys would have something new this weekend.

With the Draft Lottery coming up on Tuesday, I'm sure we'll have a lot more things to discuss as this years draft picture becomes a little more clear. Until then, this wallpaper is going to have to tide you over as I fight off a small fit of bloggers block (That's not to say I won't have something new up to read before then, because more than likely, I will). I never thought the day would come, but the past few days I just couldn't think of any interesting topics that were Thunder relevant that I wanted to talk about. Often times, that seems to be the hardest part, coming up with a new topic, hell, once the topic is up, I can generally bullshit my way through just about anything, and I have quite a few grade school English teachers who can vouch for that. So anyway, here is a new wallpaper I whipped up this evening, and I think it looks pretty nice. Jump over the fold to download the size appropriate for your PC.

1280 x 1024 (Click the Image to View the Full Size)


1024 x 768 (Click the Image to View the Full Size)


1280 x 800 (Click the Image to View the Full Size)


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