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SBNation Twitter 5k: A True Underdog Story (HELP US WIN!)


The SBNation Twitter 5k Race is on! Click the Image above to see the Current Standings! Right now, WTLC is ranked 5th, and going against the other juggernaut blogs of the SBNation we are truly underdogs in this race! If you are a Thunder Fan, PLEASE FOLLOW US ON If you can help us win the Twitter 5k, it will send a message to the rest of the country as to just what great fans we have in Oklahoma City and around the rest of the World! Of course it will also be beneficial to you as a Thunder fan in the sense that you will get tweets directly from us each time we make a new post on the site. You'll be doing Thunder Nation a great service, and be kept up to date in the process. With the NBA Draft Lottery, Draft itself, and Summer Leagues all coming up this summer, you're going to want to follow us to keep an eye on the Thunder a bit easier than you otherwise would be able to. Thanks for all your help! You guys Rock!