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WTLC / Kevin Durant Desktop & iPhone Wallpaper


I was looking through the archives of the site this morning for something in particular and I came across the WTLC Peace Offering I did for the fans over at Blazers Edge. I saw that post and thought, wait a minute, I made those guys a wallpaper and I hadn't even done that for Thunder fans that visit WTLC yet. So let me apologize for not getting one of these up sooner, and if its well received, perhaps it will be the first of many more to come. I took this in a bit of a different direction than I originally thought that I would, but was playing around and hit on this neon look that I really liked and it ended up being the overall theme of the first ever WTLC Desktop Wallpaper. I also, customized it down into an iPhone sized wallpaper as well for those of you with iPhones. It features Kevin Durant, alongside the Oklahoma City Thunder logo, and of course our own site address and logo as well. Check out the full post too grab any of the 4 sizes included to fit your needs.

If you like and are using the new desktop, please take a moment to join the site as a member, and drop us a comment to let us know how you like. Its free to sign up, and  only takes a minute or two, and I promise we won't bombard you with spam or anything crazy like that. We just want you to be able to post a comment on this or any other article you read at WTLC. Thanks, and hope you guys enjoy the new Wallpaper!

Desktop Wallpaper Sizes Available

1280 x 1024 WTLC Neon Wallpaper

1024 x 768 WTLC Neon Wallpaper

1280 x 800 WTLC Neon Wallpaper

iPhone Wallpaper

320 x 480 WTLC Neon Wallpaper