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Oklahoma City Thunder Make Scott Brooks Full Time Head Coach

Sam Presti said he would wait until the season was over before making a decision on the future of interim head coach Scott Brooks' future with the team, but has apparently already made up his mind. The terms were undisclosed (as usual) but the Oklahoma City Thunder have lifted the "interim" tag from Brooks' title, and he's now the official Head Coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder for at least the next two years (Multi-Year deal could mean anything, but Multi at least means two).

The progress he made with the team over the course of the season was apparent to anyone who followed this team as religiously as I did. You can't even compare that 3-29 team, to the one that will take the court for the final time this season, tonight. Not only has he earned the position by improving the teams play on the court, but also in the progress he's made with the young talent on this team. He's also won over what seems like is the entire Thunder fanbase. I can't think of any negative comments I've heard from other fans or even on the internet in regard to Brooks.

This gives the entire organization a chance to do something truly historical. Think about it. You have a brand new franchise (albeit a transplanted one, which is in a stage of rebuilding that would be equivalent to an expansion team), a very young core group of players, a new professional sports market, and now, a first time head coach, all growing together and building towards what could be an NBA Championship a few years down the line. Each piece of that puzzle learning and growing together towards what we all hope will be a dominant entity in the NBA for years to come. There is something special about so many different inexperienced parts working together in unity, with a goal of domination. Gotta Love it.

Congratulations to Scotty Brooks!