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Thunder Gameday: Los Angeles Lakers (55-14) Game Preparation


Can you believe we're only a few short weeks away from the end of the season already? When the Lakers take on the Thunder tonight in the Ford Center, it'll be the first of 5 remaining home games. When you look back at the season though, it may not seem as short as one might initially feel. Think about how bad this team was when the season started and PJ Carlesimo was coaching the team...what you forgot about PJ? Yeah, that has been quite a long time, and the Thunder over the course of the season have shown tremendous strides and if they could face the November Thunder on the court tonight, they would absolutely demolish them with the way they are currently playing. But is that enough to knock off Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers?

If you go by recent history in this series, the answer is likely no. The Lakers have rattled off 8 consecutive victories over this franchise going back a few years in the Seattle Era. The two times these teams have played this season have been competitive, and even more surprising was the Thunder played them tougher at the Staples Center than they did at the Ford Center. But that was a while back and this Thunder team has improved a ton since then, lets not forget the tremendous comeback win at home against the Spurs last week.

When you look at the Lakers roster, its just filled with studs. Kobe, Gasol, Odem, Fisher, Farmar, etc, etc, etc. Of course that doesn't even include Andrew Bynum who is still out with an injury. It will take arguably the best defensive performance of the year from this young Thunder team to pull an upset. You gotta put Thabo on Kobe, and just let him loose, tell him to not worry so much about fouls and just get after him, disrupt, get in his face. Even then, Kobe could still burn us for 30 without breaking a sweat, and that's not me taking a shot at Thabo, if you read this blog, you know how highly I think of Sefalosha and the job he does defensively. It just means that sometimes no matter what you do, Kobe can kill you. If he doesn't all the rest of those guys listed above, and more, can do the same thing, well, not like Kobe, but are fully capable in their own right.

This is definitely a game for the fans, where you can really make an impact. Get loud, get crazy, and just go nuts from the opening tip and let the Lakers know early that we're going to be in their ear all night long. At the same time it'll let our team know we got their backs and to get out there and get after it. Thunder fans do a great job game in and game out, but I think we all know that the 4th quarter of close games is a ton noisier and crazier than it is in the first. What I'm saying is bring that 4th quarter craziness from the tip and see if we can't will these boys to a huge upset. I know the place will be rockin. Lets give the Lakers a nice Welcome to Loud City by rocking the Ford Center all night long!