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Live Blog: Los Angeles Defenders @ Tulsa 66ers


We'll, I'm back again at the Spirit Bank Event Center, this time to do a live blog for the Los Angeles Defenders and Tulsa 66ers. Of course the big news here is D.J. White making his home debut with the team. In his first game with the 66ers in Colorado on Wednesday he scored 15 points and grabbed 10 rebounds. Not bad for not having played in a LONG while. Its just a few minutes before 6:30pm and I'm going to head down and get a few shots of the shoot-around...

Well, by the time I made my way down there, most of the team had made their way back to the locker room, so I was only able to snap photos of a couple of the players. As always, photos are updated at the bottom of the post.

The Tulsa 66ers Starting Lineup tonight: Shaun Livingston, Gary Forbes, Ogunoye, Keith Clark, and DJ White.

66ers have fallen behind here early, just over 7 minutes to go and Tulsa is trailing 13-4. Thus far.

66ers playing well since the timeout and have rallied back to a tie ball game at 15-15.

Pretty nice crowd on hand tonight as they are packed in nicely on the non-tv side, and easily the most people I've seen on the TV side. $2 beer, $1 hotdog night might be helping out with the attendance tonight.

I've been slacking here on updates trying to get those pics up. Finally all up, and more game updates coming.

Just noticed DJ White has OKC Logo above the numbers on the back of his jersey. I'm assuming thats because he's here on assignment from the Thunder.

Just over 2 and a half minutes to play Gary Forbes drove the basket a gave the 66ers a 2 point lead with an under the basket layup. 17-15, first Tulsa lead of the night.

Its nice to have a heckler finally sitting right in front of me tonight, he's keeping his wife and kids entertained by yelling at the Ref already.

Derrick Dial had a nice steal early in the LA Transition and alley ooped it right back to DJ White for a dunk.

End of the 1st quarter, the 66ers and Defenders are tied 21-21. Pretty strong finish to the first quarter for Tulsa.

WoW, this crowd is going nuts right now for the T-Shirt toss. REALLY GREAT CROWD tonight....wait that wasn't a T-Shirt toss, they were throwing out MONEY! No wonder they were going nuts!

Keith Clark hits a 3 pointer to get Tulsa going on their first possession.

Stat-time: Gary Forbes lead the way in the 1st with 9 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists (3 turnovers. DJ White went 3-8 for 6 points and had 1 rebound and 1 steal in 12 first quarter minutes. Joe Crawford lead the way for LA with 5 points and 2 boards. Parker also had 4 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals.

8:30 to go in the 2nd, Tulsa leading 29-27 as DJ White re-enters the game.

Keith Clark literally got tackled just now on a layup attempt with no whistle.

DJ White is drawing attention inside like crazy, every time he gets the ball in the paint they are sending at least 2 guys to stop him.

Timeout now with 4:43 to go in the first half, and the 66ers are up by 1, 36-36.

There's been a play stoppage here as the shot clock was not working, seems to have gotten squared away pretty quickly.

Shaun Livingston just put a sick move on a defender and drove straight to the basket for an uncontested dunk. That knee looked pretty good on that strong/quick move to the basket.

Just over 2 minutes to go and the Defenders took another timeout with the score at 42-41 Tulsa.

They are playing "Whats in the box" as a fan gets to chose the box or cash. He chooses the box and wins an Oklahoma City Thunder hat, and a free haircut at Sport Clips.

Defenders with 5 straight points off the timeout as Moses Ehambe knocks down a 3 pointer to pull back within one point.

That's the end of the first half, Tulsa trailing by 4 points to Los Angeles 47-51.

66er Girls have new outfits tonight, nice.

Sorry the updates are not better tonight, I'm not feeling so well. I'm doing my best to keep the content coming.

A lucky fan is playing deal or no deal now. He's got 3 cases to choose from. He picks #2 first, and now will decide which case to open....He chooses #3 and inside the case was 66er tickets to the final 3 games and dinner for four. He now has chosen to keep his case and has won a Tulsa 66er T-Shirt. In the final case was a 66er keychain. So he won the middle prize.

There is about 5 minutes to go here during halftime, and here come the stats...

Every 66er player with the exception of Jeremy Kelly (0-1 shooting) has scored at least 4 points. A real team effort offensively so far. DJ White now has a game high 6 rebounds to go with his 6 points 3-9 shooting. He took only 1 shot in the 2nd quarter but grabbed 5 rebounds. Gary Forbes is leading the way with 11 points, 2 rebounds, and 3 assists. Keith Clark has 7 points and 6 rebounds as well (3 Offensive).

For the Defenders, Ryan Forehan-Kelly has 9 points and 4 rebounds. Every defender player that has touched the court has also scored at least 2 points. No player is in double figures scoring though.

Rebounding is near even with LA ahead by 1, 18-17, and its also the same story for turnovers, the Defenders have 6 to Tulsa's 7. Assists are 18-15 for LA. A pretty even game across the board with both teams getting production from everyone who has hit the court.

I'm going to head down and try to get some pics in the 3rd quarter. Be back soon.

Okay so we're at just under 7 to go in the game, and the Defenders have taken control here in the 4th, 80-88. Sorry for lack of updates, like I said, not feeling great, so I spent the second half grabbing some photos. I've uploaded a ton to make up for it. Well, I hope it does anyway.

Through 3 quarters DJ white is leading the team in scoring with 15, and trailed Clark in rebounds by 1 with 7.

Timeout 66ers with 5:47 to go trailing 82-88 now with possession. A chance to really get this game close heading into the final minutes.

Awesome, they started off the kiss came with an older couple who really got after it!

They also went to a guy downing a beer in one hand, another full beer in the other, he still manages to stop and kiss the girl and then right back to downing the beer. Impressive!

Tulsa uses entire shot clock unsuccessfully, still a 6 point deficit.

LA does the same thing at the other end.

Shaun Livingston with a dish to MOOSE under the basket for the slam. Excellent read and pass by Shaun.

Tulsa down 4, and now has possession after a defender stepped out of bounds.4:20 to go.

DJ White almost made a nice bucket off the spin while getting fouled. He'll go to the line for 2. DJ misses the first, clanking it off the back of the rim, the 2nd shot goes down smooth. Tulsa down 3 with 4 to go.

Los Angeles calls a timeout with 2:42 remaining now and leading 92-85. Times running out, Tulsa needs a few stops combined with some big shots.

I know its way too late in the game to be noticing this, but looks like they released Herbert Hill to make room for DJ White.

Gary Forbes gets two back on free throws.

A Defender Travel gives the ball back to Tulsa, down 5, two to go.

Gary Forbes backs his way in, and pulls off a nice pump fake to draw contact on the shot that followed. The first free throw bounced all over the rim and out, and the second just bounced once and out. Still down 5.

Shaun Livingston with a perfect pass down low to Forbes in traffic, Gary puts it in for two. At the other end, the Defenders turn the ball over. Chance to tie with just over 1 to go.

Ogunoye misses the three, but Moose gets a HUGE rebound. Shaun Livingston and Gary Forbes traded about 4 passes before Gary missed the three. At the other end, the Defenders hit a shot to take the lead to 5 with 20 seconds remaining.

In bound to Clark who back door passes it to Livingston who tried to back door it inside results in a foul.

Thunder hit a quick shot to pull back within 3, sorry I missed who took the shot. 14 ticks left. Timeout.

The just promo'd tomorrow nights game against the Wizards. Its a shame the D-League Wizards have a cooler logo than the NBA's Wizards.

LA Inbounds and Shaun gets the foul after just 1 tick of the clock. The crowd is the noisiest its been all night for the first free throw which goes in, essentially sealing the deal. One more makes it a 5 point game with 13.1 to play.

Gary Forbes throws up a three off the inbound and is fouled hard to the ground! +1 chance to pull back within 1 point with 9 seconds left.

ONE POINT BALLGAME! 95-96 Timeout LA. Tulsa needs a quick foul, and even if LA makes both shots, the 66ers will have a chance to tie. HUGE play by Gary Forbes, that shot was INSANE!

DJ White with the quick foul. 7.6 seconds left. CROWD GOES ABSOLUTELY INSANE as they miss the first. CROWD LOUD AGAIN....Make.

Forbes takes the ball up court, they pass to Ehambe who knocks down a HUGE 3 for the win!!!!!!!! WHAT A COMEBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 98-97!

There was .2 seconds left and on the inbound which had to be a tip in DJ White steals the ball and the crowd gives the team a Standing O!

Goodnight Folks! That was awesome!!


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