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Thunder Gameday: Dallas Mavericks (35-23) Game Prep


Alright, so I dropped the ball on getting the preview up this morning like normal, I apologize. Since the game is now less than a couple of hours away, I'll keep it short and sweet. I guess it doesn't hurt, trying to keep it short, that the Thunder just played Dallas on Friday. It was the game in which Durant hurt his ankle, and the rest of the team rallied around each other to give the Mavs all they could handle. They'll have to do it again, without Durant, but on top of that, they'll have to do it without Jeff Green too (back). Since Durant went down on Friday, Green has stepped up as the teams leading scoring, with 28 and 27 respectively. So with Green out, one has to wonder where will our points come from tonight?

Russell Westbrook, of course, is the most likely location, and with Green and Durant out, he could very well have the best scoring game of his career. Aside from Westbrook, we're going to need our bigs (Collison & Krstic) to get us a chunk of points tonight, at least 30. Sefolosha is another guy who can contrinbute,  he'll need to get that long ball working, to go along with his superb defense. Kyle Weaver has also been scoring more points as of late, and has a superb shot at topping his career high as well.

Its going to be wierd watching this team without Durant and Green, but the rest of the team will just have to step up. Alright, that wasn't too long, see you at 7 for the Live Commenting thread!