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Loud City Fan of the Week: Alex (ricanhornet)


Welcome to Loud City is all about the Fans, and in an effort to give the fans a spotlight, WTLC has created a new, weekly series (Hopefully), called Interview with a fan. Basically I will sit down with a fan (okay so I emailed the questions) and ask about 20 questions, give or take (depending on follow ups), and give you a little insight into the thoughts and experiences of other fans just like you. This week, its Alex, a 27 year old Thunder fan from Lawton who owns season tickets in Loud City Section 315. Thanks to Alex for being the first, and congratulations on being the WTLC Fan of the Week. Now, on to the interview...

Real Name: Alex Roig
Age: 27
Location: Lawton, Ok
Hometown: Lawton, Ok
SBNation Screen Name: ricanhornet
Season Ticket Info (Sec/Seats): Sec. 315 / Row C

WTLC: How did you become a Thunder fan?

Alex: I've always been a fan of the NBA, from the Magic/Bird/Jordan days in the late 80's/early 90's. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever imagine that Oklahoma would get a professional basketball team. So a lot of my being a fan comes from civic pride. When the Hornets were here, they were my favorite team. As soon as they left, I tried to be a fan of them, but it just wasn't the same. When they first announced that the Thunder were coming, I was ecstatic because now we finally had our team. So, that is when I became a Thunder fan (even though we didn't know the team name at that time).

WTLC: Did you have a favorite NBA team before the Thunder? If so, how has the Thunder changed your feelings/allegiance to that team?

Alex: Well, I grew up a fan of the Bulls teams of the 90's, but I realized I was more a fan of Michael Jordan than I was of the Bulls. When the Hornets got here, I was a fan of the team, but as soon as they left back to New Orleans, the feeling just wasn't the same. The live and die attitude of a true fan wasn't there when I was watching the Hornets play in New Orleans. I was basically a fan free agent when the Thunder came to town.

WTLC: What day did you get to select your Season Tickets?

Alex: It was either the 14th or 15th of September.

WTLC: Are you happy with your seats?

Alex: Yes, love the view.

WTLC: How do feel about sitting up top in Loud City?

Alex: I love it. The heart and soul of the fans is in Loud City. The lower bowl is filled with a lot of corporate buyers who may have bought their tickets for business purposes only, not because they are a fan of the team.

WTLC: What is your most memorable moment during a game you attended this season?

Alex: The buzz around the second Hornets game. It finally felt like the Thunder and Oklahoma City had come together as one. There was a lot of bleeding heart romanticism for the Hornets during the first meeting of the year. But, during the second meeting, the switch had been flipped and OKC had officially become Thunder-nation.

WTLC: Funniest thing you heard a crazy fan yell from Loud City?

Alex: "Don't shoot Earl (Watson)!!!"

WTLC: Stupidest thing you heard a crazy fan yell from Loud City?

Alex: Some idiots were yelling "MVP! MVP!" every time Kobe Bryant touched the ball during the Lakers game.

WTLC: How many games have you attended? Did you ever have any trouble getting rid of tickets for games you couldn't attend?

Alex: About 20 games. No problem getting rid of the tickets.

WTLC: Who is your favorite Thunder player? Why?

Alex: Durant - He's an assassin. I love watching players that have a flair for the dramatic, and Kevin is not afraid to take that last second shot (and make a couple too).

WTLC: Who is your least favorite Thunder player?

Alex: Why? Well, that not a very nice thing to ask. Earl Watson makes my blood pressure rise every time he's about to check into the game. His jittery point guard play and horrible shooting are my pet peeves with him.

WTLC: Who is your favorite NBA Player? Why?

Alex: Even though I don't necessarily like him as a person, I have to stop and watch anytime Kobe Bryant is playing. He has that special "it" where you never know whether he'll hit the game winning shot or drop 60 on a team.

WTLC: Who is your least favorite NBA Player? Why?

Alex: Probably T-Mac and Vince Carter. They suffer from the Tin Man syndrome. All the skill in the world, but no heart. Such a waste of talent.

WTLC: How has the game experience changed from the beginning of the season to the end?

Alex: Complete 180. You have to compare with what you know. All I knew as far as in-game presentation was the Hornets, and they were near the top of the league in that category. When the season first started, you could tell the team was working out the glitches as far as in-game presentation was concerned. There have been a few misses, but the team has improved vastly in this department.

WTLC: What are your thoughts on the new Thunder Mascot Rumble?

Alex: Great. Represents the team and the state. Good selection.

WTLC: Who is your favorite Thunder Girl?

Alex: Cristhian.

WTLC: What was your favorite half time entertainment?

Alex: The dead fish lady - joking!!! I really enjoyed the guy who could fit in the box. Super Flexi-man, or something like that.

WTLC: If you were an NBA Player, what position would you play? Why?

Alex: Probably pg, due to my lack of height and because I can shoot the ball.

WTLC: Do you think the Thunder will make the Playoffs next season?

Alex: No, but they'll be in the hunt until the last month.

WTLC: What do you think of "Welcome to Loud City" and SBNation? What can we do to improve?

Alex: Great blog sites. Just keep covering the Thunder, and everything else will fall into place.