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Live Blog! Austin Toros @ Tulsa 66ers (Updates Every 15 Minutes)


Well, I'm here, and things are going a little more smoothly this time around! I just snapped a few shots of the team warning up, and will get those up here pretty quick. Just like last time, keep refreshing the page for new content as its added. I'll do my best to get you updates every 15 minutes. As always, don't forget to check out Ridiculous Upside for more great coverage of the D-League, Scott and the boys do an absolutely tremendous job with D-League coverage! I'm going to do this rapid fire again, as it seemed to be a pretty fun and entertaining way to do a live blog, and well, I really don't know any other way to do it. It's a Friday night game, and there are already people starting to file in, so I expect a pretty damn nice crowd on hand tonight.


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I just went down to snap a few final shots of the shoot around, and then headed over to the Toros side. I must have scared them all away, as soon as I was about to snap a pic, they all jetted off court.

Just quick note before the game, Herbert Hill was added to the roster, and played in his first game with the team in yesterdays victory. He had an impressive statline as well. He scored 19 points, had 10 rebounds, and blocked five shots in his debut with the team.

Just want to give a shout out to Ryan with the 66ers, Robert with the SBEC, and Scott at Ridiculous Upside for hooking this all up again. You guys are all awesome!

I just talked to Ryan as well, and I'm going to try to snap a few shots during the game from the baseline area if I can. We'll see, I've never done that before, and I don't exactly have a camera made for live action sports, but we'll see how it goes.

Keith Clark will be playing tonight, he's got a nice shiner though, and its still swollen, but he's good to go according to the team.


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66ers Starting Lineup: Livingston, Gary Forbes, Ogunoye, Clark, and Herbert Hill

That's definitely a much more potent lineup than it was a week ago. Call me crazy, but I'm feeling an upset coming on. Hey, I'm a homer, what do you expect?!

Clark had some big ups and slapped the tip, but it went out of bounds. First possession to the Toros.

Nice ball movement early, lead by a pass from Livingston. Hill had a nice look but the hook bounced out.

Both teams with two possessions now and no buckets.

Stevie Johnson gets the Toros on the board first.

Herbert Hill executed the same move, on the other side of the basket to get the first points for the 66ers.

Nice Hustle play by Gary Forbes leads to another Hill Basket, this time a dunk.

They are swarming Keith Clark early, and Hill is reaping the benefits. 6 points here early. 66ers lead 6-2.


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Shaun Livingston just picked a Toro pocket which lead to a nice assist and another 66ers basket. Tulsa now up 8-4. Derrick Dial checking in for Ogunoye.

Tulsa just got a delay of game warning. Didn't see what for.

Herbert Hill is one hell of a pickup so far. Guy is killing it early picking up right where he left of yesterday.

Keith Clark strong inside with a basket, gets the Tulsa lead to 6 points at 12-6. 66ers timeout.

Promising start out of the gate for the 66ers.

Routie is rolling around down there on roller skates. I wonder how longer before he bites it?

Oh man, Keith Clark with a fabulous alley oop pass to Gary Forbes that he layed up and had rim out.

Herbert Hill again with a bucket! Where did this guy come from?

Hill checking out of the game with a 14-10 Tulsa lead, he has at least 8, maybe 10 of those points so far.

Shaun Livingston at the line for two, knocks down one of two.

Keith Clark with a nice long-armed steal. The possession leads to a turnover at the other end though.

I'm not sure who they are with, but there is a bunch of kids from a school sitting right in front of me here. They are pretty funny when they start chanting. Always fun to get the kids involved.

Another timeout. Free pizza giveaway time, just like Sunday, the loudest the crowd has been all night. (Outside of Player intros and first basket)

Tulsa leads 17-12 with 2:55 seconds to play in the first. Next update in 15 minutes.


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Moses Ehambe knocks down a nice three to push the lead to 7. He then follows that up with another one on the next possession. 66ers up 8 now, 24-16.

Holy Moses! Another 3. Three straight possessions, and that one was highly contested.

Keith Clark just drove the lane and threw down an insane dunk that the crowd went wild over.

Marcus Williams knocks down a shot for the Toros just before the buzzer clicked down to zero.

End of the 1st quarter, Tulsa leading 29-22. Really impressive start here for the 66ers. Herbert Hill got the scoring going early, and the 66ers progressively extended the lead throughout the entire quarter.

66er Girls out there dancing to a Michael Jackson medly, the most notable song there was "Pretty Young Thing"

2nd quarter about to get kicked off now. Tulsa gets the first possession.

Ehambe with a heat check jumper to start the quarter. The heat is gone. He makes up for it on the next possession with a nice under the basket lay-in.

Here comes Ryan with some stats...

Notables for Tulsa: Herbert Hill and Moses Ehambe leading the way scoring with 10 points. Shaun Livingston with 4 assists to go with his lone point.

Notables for the Toros: Marcus Williams with a game high 12 points.

The Toros beginning to cut away at that Tulsa lead....and as I type, they knock down a three pointer to tie the game at 31. 8:53 to play in the 2nd period.


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So, I missed the 8pm Update, I went down to see what kind of photos I could get, so not many game notes for the 8pm Update. Going to get these pics up during halftime.

Game update. Keith Clark just knocked down a 3 to give the 66ers a 43-40 lead with just over 2 and a half minutes to play in the first half.

The Toros just took the lead at 44-43. 1:33 remaining. Herbert Hill ties up the game with a free throw making it 44 all.

Gary Forbes off a rebound pushes the ball up court then passes to Livingston to who gives it right back to Forbes for the lay-in. Nice touch pass by Shaun.

Marcus Williams holds for the last shot, but drove early and put in a nice tear drop.

End of the first half. Austin leads 49-46.

I'll work on getting these photos up during the half. Sorry about the missed update. So here's your 8:15, 8 minutes early, or your 8pm 7 minutes late. However you want to look at it.


Above notes were added at 8:15pm CT


20 New Photos added from the 2nd period.

More updates as play resumes...

Halftime Stats: 66ers: Moses Ehambe leads the team in scoring with 16, followed by Herbert Hill with 11, and then Keith Clark with 7. Gary Forbes leading the team in rebounds with 4, and Shaun Livingston leads the team in assists with 5.

For the Toros: Marcus Williams has 19 points, followed by Dwayne Jones with 15. Jones already has a double double because of his 10 rebounds to go with his 15 points.

2nd half underway, 48-50 here early.

MOOSE! Keith Clark with a top of the key wide open swish from downtown to tie the game at 51.

Herbert Hill just hit the deck hard after a pump fake then tear drop shot in which he was fouled. +1, nice play.

Gary Forbes with a sick steal and easy lay in for 2. A real crowd pleaser there.

Another update in 15.


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6:39 remaining in the 3rd quarter. 66ers staying right in there against a good team. Keith Clark just added to the lead at the line, 58-54 now.

Shaun Livingston, driving the lane dribbles the ball backwards to Gary Forbes in stride who lays it up for two. Terrific no look dribble pass. Shaun Livingston is a tremendous pickup for this team. Great ability to create for others.

I just bought a $3 bottle of water....and there is a water fountain right behind me. I'm an idiot.

2 Minutes to go in the 3rd, Tulsa still nursing a 5 point lead, that just dropped to 3 as I typed this sentence.


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Ogunoye ties up the game at 72 with just over 30 seconds to play. The Toros had an offensive foul on the other end, and Tulsa will get the final shot.

Reggie Kelly with a nice drive and dish, but Derrick Dial misses the shot at the buzzer.

End of the 3rd quarter, Tulsa 66ers 72, Austin Toros 72

The fan answering questions for tickets during the break wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed as the announcer had to ask him three times what his answer was before he changed to the correct answer.

Stat time (Through 3 Quarters): Tulsa has 4 players in double digits scoring: Ehambe 18, Forbes 16, Hill 15, and Clark with 13. Forbes leads the team with 7 rebounds, and Livingston again leading the way in assists with 8. Clark and Hill both with 2 blocked shots.

For the Toros: 2 players with 20 points now: Marcus Williams with 22, and Dwayne Jones with 20. Jones also has a whopping 15 boards. Take Jones out of the game, and the 66ers run away with this one easy.

Wide open Reggie Kelly knocks down the jumper to extend the lead to 3 points with 9 minutes to play.

Tulsa takes a timeout with 7:31 remaining. They are holding a 5 point lead at 82-77 and will get the ball coming out of the timeout.


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Gary Forbes with a great effort grabbing an errant ball heading out of bounds and throwing it off a Toro player preventing the turnover. Ogunoye capitalized on it and turned it into 2 points.

5 minutes to go, 88-86 Tulsa lead when Derrick Dial puts in a contested bucket under the basket. 4 point lead.

Jones brings it back to within 2 with a nice tip-in.

Ogunoye with a big time 3 pointer to give the 66ers a 3 point lead with 3:01 to play. Timeout Austin.

This could be a BIG upset for Tulsa if they can pull it off. The Toros are 25-13 on the season.

Dwayne Jones continues to pound it out inside, and ads 2 more points to his tally. 1 points 66er lead. 2:26 to play.

Shaun Livingston dished to a wide open Dial who air balled. ugh.

Shaun decides to take it himself with a pull up contested jumper to grab the lead back for Tulsa 95-94. 1:45 to play, Toros at the line. Crowd got REAL loud for that free throw Jones just missed. He makes the 2nd, ties the game.

Gary Forbes adds a couple of free throws to put Tulsa back out front by 2 with 1:31 remaining.


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97-97 Shaun Livingston weaves his way through traffic before missing the basket, Keith Clark gets the board, and is fouled on the shot. He knocks down both free throws to give Tulsa a 2 point lead. 44 seconds left!

DerMarr Johnson with a solid jumper over Gary Forbes to tie the game at 99, with 24 seconds to play. Timeout.

Tulsa should have a shot at getting the clock close to zero before taking their shot to try and upset the Austin Toros!

Crowd is getting noisy as the teams come back on the floor. Dial set to inbound.

Shaun Livingston going to take the clock down before picking up the dribble. He dishes to Forbes who takes the turnaround jumper as the shot clock expires. Timeout with .1 seconds left. Looks like we're headed to overtime. Great effort out there tonight for the 66ers.

They just put .3 seconds up on the clock.

The Toros went for the inbound tipin and it just skated off the rim as time expires. Overtime, here we come.

Keith Clark gets the tip, but the Toros grab the possession.

Stanley Burrell hits a long duece to give Austin a quick 2 point lead. Forbes comes right back on the other end to tie it.

Stanley Burrell again, another long 2. Shaun Livingston answers at the other end. Tie game.

End of Regulation Stats: 5 in double figures scoring for the 66ers. Ehambe 18, Forbes 20, Hill 17, Clark 17, Ogunoye 11. Forbes has 8 boards, Clark 7. 2 Blocks for Clark, 3 for Hill. Still 8 assists for Shaun.

107-103 Austin up with 2:43 remaining as Forbes backs in and looks to be fouled while shooting, but no call. The crowd not happy with the call.

Shaun Livingston with another assist to Clark who puts in an awkward layup while getting fouled. Makes the +1. 1 point ballgame.

Forbes just took a HUGE charge! Tulsa Ball. 1:36 to play.

Shaun Livingston casually dribbles towards the basket, pulls up for a jumper to take the lead! Tulsa by 1!

Burrell with the drive and layup to retake the lead for the Toros.

Great Hustle by Clark to tip the rebound to another player, the 66ers miss again though, and remain down 1 point with 26 seconds to play, and Austin ball. 15 on the shot clock.


Above notes were added at 9:30pm CT


Win or lose, this team should be proud of their effort against one of leagues best tonight.

Correction, Tulsa ball.

Inbound to Livingston. Shaun had a nice pull up jumper at the free throw line but elected to pass to an unexpecting teammate, and that lead to an all important jump ball with 3 seconds to play.

Shaun was wide open for that shot. Either they've been in his ear to pass the ball, or his 1 for 7 shooting night in regulation was bouncing around in his brain.

Jump Ball time, Ogunoye to jump for Tulsa.

Both players jump too early, and the Toros end up with the ball, and get fouled immediately with 1.5 seconds left.

Forbes fouls immediately off the inbound to foul out and stop the clock with .6 seconds left. Johnson heads to the line. He knocks down the first, and makes the 2nd. Tulsa, calls an immediate timeout.

Why the hell he didn't intentionally miss the 2nd free throw is beyond me. Tulsa now has .6 seconds to catch and shoot a 3 pointer to attempt to force a second overtime.

2031 in attendance tonight. Pretty solid crowd.

Here we go. Moses Ehambe catches the inbound cross court and puts up the 3, it nearly went in, but bounced off of the front of the rim. Final Score Austin 111, Tulsa 108.


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Fan: So how did it happen?


Fan: I mean, did he slap you like this?


Keith Clark: Nah Dude, it was more like this.