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Thunder Gameday: Sacramento Kings (11-40) OPEN THREAD


Coming off their biggest win of the season, the Oklahoma City Thunder remain home at the Ford Center tonight (early tip 6pm local) to host the team that handed the Thunder their most dissapointing loss of the season. The Kings took down the Thunder by 4 points, in overtime, on Super Bowl Sunday. It's becoming clear that the team is getting more and more comfortable in Loud City as the home wins are piling up. This is a game the Thunder should not only win, but should win big, despite the OT loss last week. The Thunder are a different team at home, and the Kings are going to get to witness that first hand tonight.

The Kings enter tonights game with just 1 win, in 11 games, and as we mentioned earlier, that one win came in overtime fassion last week against the Thunder. The Kings have only played in two games since, and lost by an eye popping 58 points in Phoenix before returning home for a 4 point loss against the Jazz.

An interesting stat that caught my eye was Kevin Martin putting up 37 points in 2 of his last three outings, once against the Thunder, and the other against the Jazz. In the blowout to the Suns he scored just 13. Oklahoma City really needs to get a body or two on this guy and make sure we keep his points to a minimum. He and John Salmons should be the focus defensively to keep points off the board for the Kings. If the Thunder can keep their scoring output under 100, they should win the game going away.

Over the last 10 games, Kevin Durant has really stepped it up for the Thunder, averaging 31 points and nearly 9 boards per game. He's shooting an incredible 54% from the field, which is quite amazing considering how many long jump shots he takes. Durant dropped in 33 points against the Kings last week, and is fully expected to do the same again tonight. The crazy thing is that his 33 wasn't even a team high as Westbrook dropped a career high 34 on the Kings, and both were closely followed by Jeff Green with 28.

I had a lot of fun with the Live Commenting the other night, and encourage everybody to join in tonight as well. Unfortunately I won't be around to comment since I'll be at the game, but that doesn't mean you guys can't have a good time and discuss the game live without me. I've been to about 10 games and still have NOT seen the Thunder win a game (Been so close), so I'm exciting about the oppertunity to actually see the team get a W, live in person.