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Thunder Girl of the Week: Volume 1 Issue 9


Well, its Sunday again, and you know what that means! That's right! Its time for Thunder Girl of the Week! Thunder girl of the week is a weekly series where WTLC will highlight a different Thunder Girl each week (Assuming we can find pics of them all). Our promise is to deliver a pic (or two, or more) to look at, and eventually we hope to bring you more information about the girls as well. They work hard each and every gameday to entertain you, and cheer the team on, so the least we can do is give these lovely ladies some recognition right? Damn Right. Its now time for this weeks Thunder Girl...

 Thunder Girl of the Week V.1 I.9 Natalie!



Miss a previous issue of Thunder Girl of the Week? Don't worry, we're making it easy on you! Just click on the corresponding links below to view each and every Thunder Girl of the Week! Enjoy!

Have a Picture of a Thunder Girl you think is worthy of being the next Thunder Girl of the Week? Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the little envelope to send WTLC an email at our Gmail account. Some of these girls are REALLY difficult to find, so please, if you have good pics of girls we haven't featured (or ones we have too), send them!

Disclaimer: Information on these girls are hard to find, so if someone gets the wrong name attached to the wrong photo, well, sorry. WTLC blames the official Thunder website for sucking and never working properly. For a short time they had a very good Thundergirl section up and working but its already broken again. Sheesh.