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Join WTLC for Live Commenting During Thunder Games


Longtime SBNation members, more than likely, already know about this feature. If you've been an active part of any SBNation blog before, there is a good chance you have been involved in some live game commenting. Whether it be for your favorite NFL team, NHL team, or even College Basketball team, every SBNation blog has Open Gameday threads for live commenting. The SBNation comment system updates LIVE on the page without ever having to reload. So essentially you are able to chat with WTLC and other Thunder fans, LIVE, during Thunder basketball games.

I was able to comment here and there last night, during the Thunder loss to the Nuggets, but now have a much better situation to watch Thunder games, and comment live during the entire game. So from here on out, I urge all of you that want to get together and chat with other fans during the game to join in on our gameday threads and by all means tell your friends this is the spot if you want live discussion and commentary from WTLC and fans just like you.

Of course if I make the long trek down to OKC, I won't be able to comment until a few hours later, being as I'll be screaming my lungs out supporting the team. But that doesn't mean that you and other Thunder fans can't pick up the slack. Other than that, barring any unforeseen happenings, I 100% expect to be on during games and commenting and chatting with everyone.

Looking forward to tomorrows game against the Blazers already, and hope to see some of you guys in the Gameday thread commenting and chatting live during the game.