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Thunder mascot to debut shortly after All-Star Break


We've spent the better part of the season mascotless since the Sonics franchise moved to Oklahoma City, and I know Thunderheads are ready for a great mascot to join in on the entertainment at the Ford Center. The team mascot has a LOT to live up to, as the former mascot (of the Sonics), Squatch, was easily one of the better mascots in the league. How could it not be though? We basically had a wookie running up and down the court doing crazy stuff. The OKC franchise, which left the mascot behind for the Sonics (If the NBA returns to Seattle), did make a great move in hiring the guy inside the suit. So Thunderfans should be treated to the same great acrobatics that Sonics fans have enjoyed for years.

Mike Baldwin of the Oklahoman recently wrote the article below on the subject.

Thunder mascot character will join the team this month
Published: February 2, 2009
Buzz up!

Thunder officials plan to debut the new mascot soon after the NBA All-Star break, most likely at halftime Feb. 17 against New Orleans or at halftime Feb. 24 against the Lakers.

Team officials have chosen the yet-to-be-announced character and have completed the costume design but still have to iron out minor details, such as NBA marketing.

According to Brian Byrnes, vice president of ticket sales and services, the mascot will be athletic, similar to Benny the Bull in Chicago and the Gorilla in Phoenix. The mascot will be capable of dropping from the Ford Center ceiling, tightrope a rail in Loud City and trampoline with the dunk team.

Thunder officials were diligent in choosing the mascot, because it will represent the organization year-round, including appearances at schools, athletic events and ribbon cuttings.


I like the comments about "Athletic" and being able to drop from the ceiling, and trampoline with the dunk team. It means there will be tons of options for a high flying, highly entertaining mascot.

What are you guys looking for in our new mascot?