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Thunder Gameday: @ Golden State Warriors (19-36) Game Prep


Do you think Warriors fans remember Jeff Greens off the glass buzzer beater? I mean, we're one of the lower end teams in the league, those fans don't remember us do they? Well, if you lost to one of the worst teams in the league at the buzzer from a banked shot, wouldn't you be pissed off about that for awhile? I know I would, and I think Golden State fans would as well, and thats were the Thunder are headed tonight, to take on Golden State in another LATE tipoff, 9:30pm local. Good think I'm going to the 66ers game tonight before hand to keep me up and awake long enough to watch it.

The Warriors are coming into this game with a little heat behind them, and after the Thunder got burned by the suns last night, it might not be such a good thing for Oklahoma City. They do however come off a loss, the only loss in their last five games, it came on Wednesday to the Los Angeles Lakers (Top record in the league), in a game that the Warriors were leading with just minutes to play. So they have gone 4-1 in their last five games, with their one loss coming to the leagues best team, in a game that they were very competitive in. This could be trouble.

Hey, I warned everyone when this blog made the move from Thunder in OKC to the SBNation and Welcome to Loud City that February was going to be a brutal month for the Thunder. We're 2-6 heading into this one, with four games remaining, the Warriors, Lakers, Mavericks, and Grizzlies. So its not getting any easier, until the last game of the month maybe. The Thunder will get the Lake Show at home on Tuesday, but won't be back home again until March. There is a very good chance of finishing the month at 2-10, so prepare yourself for a rough finish to the month. I also recomend you don't look ahead toward the March schedule either, because its pretty brutal as well. By seasons end, we may very well move back closer to that #1 draft lottery pick. I don't say this to get you down on the team, but to prepare for a schedule that isn't going to let up much for the rest of the year.

The good news for the Thunder, the Warriors are one of two teams (Memphis) that Oklahoma City has already beaten twice this year, so maybe the Thunder just have Golden State's number. Either way, this is a WIN the Thunder desperately need to gain a little momentum heading back home to face the Lakers.

PS...Malik Rose and Thabo Sefalosha are expected to be with the team in Golden State, but don't look for either of them to get on the playing court tonight.