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Do you have a Facebook? Help us reach more Thunder fans!


Recently, I've discovered the greatness of Facebook. I'm sure you have heard of it, and most of you are probably already on it. Facebook boasts more than 150 million members, and I'm sure at least several thousand of those are Thunder fans. Because of this, and our hopes to grow this community and bring together as many Thunder fans as possible, Welcome to Loud City is now on Facebook. You can see OUR NETWORKED BLOG PAGE ON FACEBOOK by clicking the capatilized link you just read. If you enjoy the site, please click the follow  button on our networked blog page to follow us on Facebook. We would also greatly appreciate if you would share with your friends who are also Thunder fans, but don't know about the site.

So I discovered facebook about a week ago, and am loving it so far. I never really like myspace all that much, and that played a big reason why I didn't join facebook until last week. Once I did though, I was immediately hooked. It is really fun to hook up with old friends you've lost touch with, and family members who are living across the country. The more you get into, the more addicted you'll become, and I'm borderline addicted already.

I also picked up an iPhone this week, and with the facebook app, I've become more addicted than ever. These social networking sites are awesome, and the more you learn how to use them and interact with people, the more you enjoy all of it. I've been on Twitter for awhile as well, and only recently through the "Tweetie" app have finally really started to get into Twitter more as well. If you want to follow us on Twitter, simple CLICK HERE.

This post is in an effort to connect to an even broader audience of Thunder fans, and hopefully open up even larger discussions on the comings and goings of this Thunder ballclub. If you can help out, WTLC certainly appreciates it!