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Thunder Gameday: New Orleans Hornets (20-10) OPEN THREAD


Well, its been nearly a week since the Oklahoma City Thunder took the court, and they return tonight with an exciting matchup for a great number of reasons. The first and most obvious of course is because of our former love affair, the Hornets, who make the trip back to the Ford Center, for just the 2nd time since, someone other than themselves, started calling the Ford Center home. The second of course is the big trade news between these two teams that will surely have Thunder fans in the crowd tonight abuzz with excitement. Tyson Chandler, a 7 foot center, was traded today to the Thunder for expiring contract players Chris "Goodbye Weezy" Wilcox and Joe "Not as Automatic as he once was" Smith, packaged with the rights to the Thunders #50 pick in last years draft, DeVon Hardin. Finally, the third reason to be excited is the unveiling of the new Thunder Mascot, which we only know is a Bison.

The Hornets two previous wins against this Thunder team came very early in the year, much before this team really showed signs of growth and improvement. You really can't look at either of those games in preperation for this one. With Tyson Chandler not playing tonight, and with all the buzz that is sure to be in the crowd tonight, there is a real good possibility that the Hornets get overwhelmed by the Thundercrazies in the crowd tonight.

Kevin Durant is also coming off the best weekend in the history of players at all-star weekend, but not in the all-star game, and I'm willing to bet he's going to come out shots a blazing and see if he's still feeling it. Look for KD to lead all scorers tonight.

I don't know, as a Thunderfan, I'm experiencing such a high right now from the great weekend we just had, to the great deal that Presti just pulled off. He got terrific value out of what otherwise were worthless contracts for the Thunder and somehow managed to do so without giving up any of those coveted draft picks. How great a GM is he? Man, this cat just makes all the moves.

Enough blah blah blah, lets get it on boys!