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WTLC Zooms past 10,000 Page Views!


Since we made the switch from to we've site double in growth in terms of readers and traffic. In just over a month at TOKC, the site had amassed an amazing 10k page views in its first month (39 days), but since making the switch to WTLC and the SBNation, we hit 10k in just 17 days. Thats an average of 795 page views per day. So I just wanted to take a second to appreciate Welcome to Loud City's first major milestone and say thanks to all you guys who stop by the site regularly.

WTLC has reached just over 4000 unique visitors and averages 284 unique visitors a day. While these numbers don't compare to other major blogs out there, I think they are terrific for a blog still in its infancy stages, after its only been around since December 21st as an independant blog, and since just January 28 as an SBNation blog.

The future is looking bright, and with the team we have, I'm very excited about taking the journey with this team and its fans from being one of the worst teams in the league, to what I think will end up being one of, if not the best, several years down the road.

So thanks everybody! You guys are great, and hope to see continued participation from those that post on the site, and encourage everyone to get involved with writing their own Fanposts and Fanshots as well.