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Nickname Nominations: #35 Kevin Durant (Insert Nickname here)


So there's been a lot of talk and debate about a nickname for Kevin Durant. I've heard such nicknames as K-Smoove, KD, and the Durantula outside of this site. Some of you guys have made other suggestions and I figured its time that we officially post nominations. Once we have a solid group of nominations, we'll put this whole thing to a vote, and then use that nickname from here on out on the site as our official adopted nickname. So if you have a nickname you would like to nominate, please post here in the comments, and we'll narrow it down to a list of the best five. Once we narrow it down to 5, we'll put it to a vote, and you, the fans, will decide what the nickname of the next great NBA Superstar is going to be. I'll get things started by making my nomination first. The nickname I think Kevin Durant should have is....


Pronounced: Kev Incredible

Reasoning: If there is one word that comes to my mind when watching this kid play, its almost always Incredible. Well, to be fair, its usually F'n Incredible, but if this nickname is going to catch on and become his official nickname, it can't have profanity in it. Also, the last two letters in Kevin are IN, which are the first two letters in incredible, so you combine the two words, and drop the extra "in" and you have KEVINCREDIBLE. That my friends is the official nomination of me, Mister P, and WTLC.

Official Nominations:

Kevincredible (Mister P)

Kid-Delicious, KD for short. (AD)