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Blazers top Thunder 106-92


If you were around night for live commenting during the game, you probably already know that I was unable to watch the game due to illness. So I am not going to go into any specifics about the game because of not having watched it. From what I can tell it looks like the Thunder played tough during the first half and were neck and neck until the Blazers went on a nice run to close out the first half with a 7 point lead. The Thunder cut that lead down to 6 heading into a fourth quarter that looks like it was dominated by the home team. Blazers win 106-92.

Looking at the box score, it looks like the "Holy Trinity" (Durant, Green, & Westbrook) as I saw someone call it last night, had a pretty lousy shooting night. The Trinity shot a combined 18-50 from the floor, as the teams leading scorers (58). Durant had easily his worst scoring game in a month with 20, Green finished with 17, and RW0 had a team high 21 points. It also looks like the Blazers dominated the boards and were raining down bombs from downtown. The statsheet reads like Portland out and out dominated the ballgame. I do apologize for not having watched and been able give my thoughts on the game.