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Thunder with a good showing in Loss at the Lakeshow


The Thunder's first trip to the Lakeshow might have been unsucessfull in the win/loss column, but if you watched the game, it was clear the Thunder were very competitive against the team with the leagues best record. If it hadn't been for such a lopsided second quarter, the Thunder would have put themselves in much better position to win the game. They outscored the Lakers in the 3rd quarter, and tied them in the first and fourth with 25 apiece. The difference in the ballgame was an 11-0 run in the second quarter that the Thunder just couldn't find the bottom of the basket, meanwhile, the Lakers were running and gunning and scoring points quickly. 

Kevin Durant continues to impress and dropped in 30+ points for the 5th consecutive game. He also grabbed 10 boards to go with 4 assists, 1 block, and 4 steals. Playing in a market like Los Angeles, against the Lakers, its nice to see Durant have a nice all around game. If nothing else, he put on a show for the stars who came out to see the game. At last check, I saw Jack Black, Jack Nicholson (Of course), Drew Berrymore, and Daymon Wayans in attendance. I'm sure there were more, but those are the ones I remember seeing during the game.

For Thunder fans it was awesome to not only see this team be competitive on the road against an Elite team, but also never quit. Jeff Green pulled Oklahoma City back to within five points, with 10 seconds left in the game. Just another sign that this team is growing and maturing before our very eyes.

It may go down as a L, but I think its a game that the Thunder players can look at and say, "Yeah, we can play with these guys."