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Thunder Girl of the Week: Volume 1 Issue 8


Well its Sunday, and if you were a regular visitor of my former blog "Thunder In OKC" then you know what that means! That's right! It's time, once again, for WTLC's Thunder Girl of The Week! It's the weekly series that was easily the most viewed and linked post every week at Thunder in OKC. Obviously its not hard to understand why, no matter how good the content of any site is, hot chicks in sexy outfits trump all. In the case of the Thunder Girls, they bring it each and every night, so its only fitting that we honor them at least once a week!



Bonus Pics!



Miss a previous issue of Thunder Girl of the Week? Don't worry, we're making it easy on you! Just click on the corresponding links below to view each and every Thunder Girl of the Week! Enjoy!

Have a Picture of a Thunder Girl you think is worthy of being the next Thunder Girl of the Week? Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the little envelope to send WTLC an email at our Gmail account.