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Hello! La La La

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Greetings from Minneapolis en route to Pittsburgh. I am a new writer for the blog; I've never posted here before but I've been reading for about a year and I think I'm ready to share my thoughts on our Thunder.

A little about me: I am from Pittsburgh, been there my whole life; my real name is Josh. I'm a big Pittsburgh sports fan, which is one reason I can root for OKC; I could never root for someone like the Cavs or Sixers because I hate other sports teams from those cities. I'm also a huge Pitt Panthers fan - sorry to you OSU basketball fans for last year's NCAAs, but we needed to get you back for that Sweet 16 game in 2004.

I'm a big fan of lists, so most of my stuff here is going to be listing various things about players, teams, etc, maybe some game reviews (European soccer style, for anyone familiar with that), and really, if you have anything you want me to do, consider it done. I also hope to attend a few OKC games that are more in my area (the following are in play: IND, CLE, WAS, CHA, PHI, NYK, NJ, TOR).

Most of all, I hope to watch the Thunder blossom into a playoff team with all of you, and add a few insights and Seinfeld quotes along the way.