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Greetings from within

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The title should probably be expanded to: "Greetings from within the WTLC community as I shift towards contributing in a more routine role". Regardless, I choose to throw in a random picture of our dearly (or, in all honesty, not-so-dearly) departed Mr. Damien Wilkins, solely because it shows him outside of the on-court basketball world, contributing in his own small way to bettering the OKC community alongside others. Like Wilkins, I'm hoping to do my small part, contributing what I can to the smooth running of the WTLC community. Unlike Wilkins, I hope I stick around and refrain from doing an atrocious job (has he learned how to shoot in Minny yet?). That's the whole transitive reflection bit kicking in, or so I tell myself -- take from it what you will and otherwise try to enjoy the random AP photo.

I've FanPosted and commented here (at WTLC) on ocassion, so you might recognize my alias if you've floated around the site. However, now that I've committed to carrying some of the load for Loud Links (amongst other tidbits of content) as a newly minted site author, I guess it's time to do a short introductory post, with the requisite personal rundown. Here's the semi-succinct version, with the emphasis on "semi".

My SBNation alias is manifestus, but in RL I respond to the name "Spencer". I'm currently in the midst of my intern year as a school psychologist. I attended both Pacific Lutheran University and Johns Hopkins University for undergrad, neither of which are in (or even remotely within the vicinity of) Oklahoma. I've lived all over the place (Maryland, Washington, British Columbia, Nevada, Colorado, and Taiwan), but I've never made it to Oklahoma as a resident or as a visitor. I'm one of those poor saps who followed the team (in the virtual sense) from Seattle.

In truth, I found my way to WTLC via the SBNation community hyperlinks sitting on the sidebar whilst reading the Mariner's blog, LookoutLanding. In my search for some repository of Thunder content, WTLC seemed as good of a place as any to begin browsing, reading, and commenting. The site content and makeup piqued my interest, and I've stuck around since. And now here I am, with an opportunity to continue adding to the growth of the site. So wish me luck and do your best to put up with any mistakes I make along the way.