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Game 12 Recap: Orlando 108, Oklahoma City 94

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Yahoo! Sports Box Score:

Wow, what an ugly game. After the first half of this game, I had to go to film class. We watched "Run Lola Run" It was much, much better than watching the completely irrelevant second half of this game.

First lets look at the positives of this game. Nenad Krstic scored right off of the bat, and Jeff Green managed to regain the lead after a Vince Carter jumper. The Thunder didn't score for another 3 minutes. At this point, they were completely out of the game, only managing to fall further and further behind. Whenever someone on the Thunder would score, the Magic would respond with, "BOOM, 3 in your face!".

What went wrong? We allowed Vince Carter, Rashard Lewis, Mickael Pietrus, and Dwight Howard to walk all over us. And, FYI, that was an average game for Carter. So Sefolosha was definitely a non-factor here.There was just a complete lack of perimeter, mid-range, and interior defense, which allowed the Magic to jump out to an insurmountable lead.

Also, our offense was completely stagnant. No starter shot well, and they were often forced into bad shots.

Below: Just Awards

There's really no more analysis that can be done, so I'll just hand out the awards.

Thunder Wonder: James Harden. Everything he did was in garbage time, but he's the only Thunder player who has even remotely good stats. 24 Points on 7-14 Shooting, 6-7 from the 3 Point Line, 3 Rebounds, and 3 Assists. If we had more players like him, we might have been able to match the Magics 3 point shooting, but unfortunately, he';s the only legitimate 3 point scorer we have.

Thunder Down Under: Kyle Weaver. I gotta give some love to my favourite player! 11 Points, 2 Rebounds, 4 Assists, and 2 Steals in 15 minutes of garbage time! Now that's what I like to see!

Thunder Blunder: Nenad Krstic. 11 Minutes, 1-5 shooting, 2 Rebounds, 2 Fouls, and a horrible job defending the interior. 'Nuff said.

Thunder Plunderer: Adonal Foyle. For continuing to sit on the bench, despite his team being up by a large amount of points. Not really. It goes to Rashard Lewis, for completely owning via 17 Points, 10 Rebounds, and 9 Assists for a near triple-double. I know, it was mostly in garbage time, but an assist away from a triple double is nonetheless impressive.

Next Game: Versus the Wizards, Friday, November 20th, at 7 PM Central Standard Time