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OKC ThunderCast Partnership

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Hello, Welcome to Loud City readers. We are Brent, Blayne, and Michael from the OKC ThunderCast, a podcast dedicated to entertaining insight into Thunder basketball. Each week, we release at least one show and also give our award for the week's best player, the ThunderClap award.

We have been reading Welcome To Loud City for quite a while and we met Zorgon at a game early last season. We have respected his writing and style and thought this season we could combine our efforts with his to provide you with the best possible coverage of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

For each show we release, we will create a post on WTLC, which will become the official discussion area for each show. We will also include a link to play the show directly from the WTLC page.

For now, here is a link to this week's ThunderClap show. Until we work out a few technical details, this link will point you to our site, but please post any comments on this post on WTLC. In the future, you will be able to play the shows directly from here.