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2009-10 Oklahoma City Thunder TV Schedule


With pre-season action set to get underway in just a couple of days here, that got me wondering about the television schedule and whether or not they would be showing each and every game as they did last season. I'm sorry to say I was a little bit disappointed to find out that it just isn't the case. Hold on now, before you go jumping off of a building, all of the regular season games will be televised, its just the pre-season that will be lacking in coverage for several games, most notably the very first game, which will be taking place on Wednesday evening in Memphis. With fans itching for their first taste of Thunder basketball, and being extremely eager to see the new additions in action for the first time with the likes of Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, and Russell Westbrook, you'd think that someone, either in the Thunder front office, or in the halls of either KSBI or Fox Sports, would realize this and make sure, at the very least, to get the first pre-season game televised.

In any case, that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make just as long as all the regular season games get broadcast in High-Definition, something that wasn't the case last season, and guess what? Oh Hell Yeah! I don't know whether it had to do with the teams abrupt move last season or if someone was paying attention to all the whining and crying I was doing last season, but whatever the case, at least according to this list (Make the Jump), every single Thunder game, be it broadcast on KSBI or Fox Sports Oklahoma, will be televised in glorious High Definition! Thank God for that too because it was almost sickening having to watch standard def games last season, so much so that I almost didn't even want to watch the games. Anyway, enough blabbering, and just go ahead and make the jump to see the full tevelision schedule. I've gone ahead and added where you can find the games as well depending on your provider, so you might want to bookmark this page so it'll be handy anytime you aren't making the trip to the Ford Center for a game.

Fox Sports Oklahoma (OKC): Cox 37, Cox HD 722, DirecTV 679, U-Verse 753, Dish Network Check Guide

Fox Sports Oklahoma (Tulsa) Cox 27, Cox HD 722, DirecTV 679, U-Verse 753, Dish Network Check Guide

KSBI (OKC): Cox 15, Cox HD 715, Over the Air 52, DirecTV 52, U-Verse 52, Dish Network 52

KSBI (Tulsa): Cox 3, Over the Air 52, DirecTV 52, U-Verse 52, Dish Network 52

After putting together the channel listings above, I just realized that the Tulsa Market still doesn't have KSBI HD, so those of you like me in the Tulsa area, we'll probably get screwed on HD for the KSBI games unless Cox throws it on an empty HD channel. I'm glad I made the switch to DirecTV because I should be getting the games in HD, but who knows? Anybody out there have DirecTV and watch KSBI games last season? Where they in HD? Just curious. Anyway, here's your TV Schedule. Your first chance to the see the team will be the pre-season home opener at the newly renovated Ford Center 1 week from tonight. Enjoy

October Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV
 Wed 07  @ Memphis Preseason   7:00pm    
 Sat 10  @ New Orleans Preseason 
New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, LA
 Mon 12  vs Phoenix Preseason   7:00pm  KSBIHD  
 Wed 14  vs Miami Preseason 
BOK Center, Tulsa, OK
 7:00pm  KSBIHD  
 Mon 19  @ Houston Preseason   7:30pm    
 Tue 20  vs San Antonio Preseason 
Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX
 7:30pm  KSBIHD  
 Thu 22  vs Sacramento Preseason   7:00pm    
 Wed 28  vs Sacramento   7:00pm  KSBIHD  
 Fri 30  @ Detroit    7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
November Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV
 Sun 01  vs Portland   6:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Tue 03  vs LA Lakers   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Fri 06  @ Houston    7:30pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Sun 08  vs Orlando   6:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Tue 10  @ Sacramento    9:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Wed 11  @ LA Clippers    9:30pm  KSBIHD  
 Sat 14  @ San Antonio    7:30pm  KSBIHD  
 Sun 15  vs LA Clippers   6:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Tue 17  @ Miami    6:30pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Wed 18  @ Orlando    6:00pm  KSBIHD  
 Fri 20  vs Washington   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Sun 22  @ LA Lakers    8:30pm    
 Tue 24  @ Utah    8:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Fri 27  vs Milwaukee   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Sun 29  vs Houston   6:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
December Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV
 Wed 02  vs Philadelphia   7:00pm  KSBIHD  
 Fri 04  vs Boston   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Mon 07  vs Golden State   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Fri 11  @ Memphis    7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Sun 13  vs Cleveland   6:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Mon 14  @ Denver    8:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Wed 16  vs Dallas   7:00pm  KSBIHD  
 Fri 18  vs Detroit   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Sat 19  @ Houston    7:30pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Tue 22  @ LA Lakers    9:30pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Wed 23  @ Phoenix    8:00pm  KSBIHD  
 Sat 26  vs Charlotte   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Mon 28  @ New Jersey    6:30pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Tue 29  @ Washington    6:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Thu 31  vs Utah   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
January Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV
 Sat 02  @ Milwaukee    7:30pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Mon 04  @ Chicago    7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Wed 06  vs New Orleans   7:00pm  KSBIHD  
 Sat 09  vs Indiana   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Mon 11  vs New York   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Wed 13  vs San Antonio   7:00pm  KSBIHD  
 Fri 15  @ Dallas    7:30pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Sat 16  vs Miami   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Mon 18  @ Atlanta    1:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Wed 20  @ Minnesota    7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Fri 22  @ Memphis    7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Sat 23  @ Cleveland    6:30pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Wed 27  vs Chicago   7:00pm  KSBIHD  
 Fri 29  vs Denver   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Sun 31  vs Golden State   6:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
February Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV
 Tue 02  vs Atlanta   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Wed 03  @ New Orleans    7:00pm  KSBIHD  
 Sat 06  @ Golden State    9:30pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Tue 09  @ Portland    9:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Tue 16  vs Dallas   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Sat 20  @ New York    6:30pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Sun 21  @ Minnesota    6:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Tue 23  vs Phoenix   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Wed 24  @ San Antonio    7:30pm  KSBIHD  
 Fri 26  vs Minnesota   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Sun 28  vs Toronto   6:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
March Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV
 Tue 02  vs Sacramento   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Wed 03  @ Denver    8:00pm  KSBIHD  
 Fri 05  @ LA Clippers    9:30pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Sun 07  @ Sacramento    8:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Wed 10  vs New Orleans   7:00pm  KSBIHD  
 Fri 12  vs New Jersey   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Sun 14  vs Utah   6:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Wed 17  @ Charlotte    6:00pm  KSBIHD  
 Fri 19  @ Toronto    6:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Sun 21  @ Indiana    1:30pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Mon 22  vs San Antonio   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Wed 24  vs Houston   7:00pm  KSBIHD  
 Fri 26  vs LA Lakers   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Sun 28  vs Portland   6:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Tue 30  @ Philadelphia    6:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Wed 31  @ Boston    6:30pm  KSBIHD  
April Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV
 Sat 03  @ Dallas    7:30pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Sun 04  vs Minnesota   6:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Tue 06  @ Utah    8:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Wed 07  vs Denver   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Fri 09  vs Phoenix   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Sun 11  @ Golden State    8:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Mon 12  @ Portland    9:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD  
 Wed 14  vs Memphis   7:00pm  FS Oklahoma HD