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Desmond Mason Suffers Season Ending Injury


It looked pretty serious last night when they replayed Desmonds injury before heading to break, but I wasn't really sure what the severety of it would be. Today, we have that answer, and the answer is you have seen his last performance in a Thunder uniform this season after hyper extending his right knee in last nights win over the Grizzlies. After an MRI, it was determined he had bruising to his right femur and tibia, and team doctors decided that he would have to undergo arthroscopic surgery to remove debris caused by the hyper extension of his knee.

While his production on the court isn't exactly "eye popping" when you look at the stat sheet, his leadership, and ability to provide the team a spark, in much needed situations is what the team will miss the most. He's a guy you really hate to lose because of how hard he plays, and how unselfish he is with his style of play. He obviously knows his role on this team very well, and works hard to fullfill it. This fan favorites true veteran leadership will be missed for the remainder of the season.

You hate to even start thinking about things outside of the health of the player when you lose a guy for the season, but one has to wonder if this is going to kickstart Sam Presti's pre trade deadline strategy.