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Game 5 preview: OKC must stave off elimination in Portland

OKC has flirted with infamy all season long. Now they get to decide how they will be remembered.

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Game 4 recap: OKC offense sputters again, fall to Blazers

The Thunder’s season-long weaknesses reared their heads again, and now they face elimination on the road.

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How the Thunder can fix their defense & offense ahead of a pivotal Game 3

There is much that ails OKC. Can they fix things in time?

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5 Critical Adjustments if the Thunder Want to Save the Series

Down 0-2 to the Blazers, Oklahoma City needs to do some soul-searching and change their approach.

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A word from your humble Editor in Chief, J.A. Sherman

Everything you need to know about OKC vs Portland with Blazer’s Edge

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Game 4 preview: Intensity rises as OKC looks to even series vs Blazers

How hot is game 4 going to run between these two teams?

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Paul George dunked at the buzzer up 12. Should the Basketball Gods punish him?

The ethics of putting exclamation points on victories.

Game 3 recap: Westbrook outduels Lillard as OKC grabs first playoff win

"I wanted to breathe smoke"

Game 3 preview: OKC faces the moment of reckoning vs Blazers

The Thunder have failed to play up to the situation, and tonight represents their last best chance to make this a series.

The good and the bad from game 2

Let’s review, if you are up for it.

Game 2 Recap: OKC shoots self in the foot, misses that too in loss to Blazers

The Thunder are left searching for answers as their offense fails again.

Preview: Make a shot, maybe win a game 2

The Thunder start their playoffs in a 0-1 hole, their miscues are obvious. But are they correctable?

Blazers-Thunder is the NBA Playoff series with the highest stakes

The stakes are extremely high for both teams, but due entirely to self-imposed conditions.

Game 1 recap: Portland cools Paul George, Thunder to strike first

The Blazers struck first through a hot-shooting 1st half, coupled with OKC’s repeated misfiring from long range.

Game 1 preview: OKC looks to build on regular season success in playoffs against Blazers

Game 1. It’s on.

How every Eastern Conference underdog can win their first round series (and why they probably won’t)

Ben Mertens makes the case for David over Goliath in Every First Round Series

How every Western Conference underdog can win their first round series (and why they probably won’t)

Ben Mertens makes the case for David over Goliath in every first round series.

The 23 most interesting players in the NBA playoffs

Let’s talk about the players we’ll be talking the most about during — and long after — the 2019 playoffs.

Listen in: Rolling Thunder Review Podcast Previews OKC vs Kings with Sactown Royalty

Listen in as WTLC debuts its new game preview podcast in preparation for OKC’s 4th game of the season against Sacramento.

Hami Diallo did what?!?

It is incredibly difficult to create an iconic moment in the Slam Dunk competition. Rookie Diallo just did it.

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Thunder begin 2019 NBA Playoffs against Portland Trail Blazers

So we head to the great Northwest.

Recap: OKC wraps up season with win over Bucks

OKC finishes the season with its 5th straight win.

Preview: OKC looks to hold onto 6th seed against resting Milwaukee squad

82 of 82. And this one matters.

Recap: PG sinks Rockets with game winner

PG struggled shooting most of the night, but delivered big time in the end.

Preview: OKC’s final regular season test against their Houston nemesis

It comes down to these guys.

Recap: Big 4th saves OKC to earn victory over Wolves

The Thunder once again had the late-game chops they needed.

Preview: Will OKC finally show they can compete with Wolves?

The Thunder are searching for their 3rd win in a row at a time when every game matters.

Recap: OKC charges up late to beat Detroit

The defense found itself late, and OKC pulled away in a crucial win.

Preview: OKC wants to hold onto 7th seed, but Detroit needs a win

The Thunder look to cement their position as the 7th seed, but Detroit is dangerous.

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Good night, sleep tight.

Get your ‘Triple-Russell 20-20-20’ shirt

You saw the moment. Remember it with the shirt.

Russell Westbrook: ‘20+20+20 — they know what that means’

Westbrook’s staggering box score underscores even more impressive accomplishments.

Russell Westbrook’s Historic Tribute to Nipsey Hussle

The Thunder guard notched the second 20-20-20 game in NBA history to honor his fallen friend

Recap: Westbrook’s Historic Night Powers OKC Past Lakers

The Thunder snapped a 2-game losing streak on the back of another special night by Westbrook.

Preview: OKC looks to not get embarrassed by the LeBron-less Lakers (again)

Five games to go.